Homage Generator Prices In Pakistan 2016

If you are living in Pakistan then you can face load shedding after few weeks because weather is change and according to Pakistan different electricity supply companies press release this year again people can face load shedding. here we wants to mention last 15 years Pakistan is facing load shedding problem and any single one government Is not working on Electricity production that is the reason every year UPS and generator sale is increase as compare to previous year sale because load shedding one solution is only based on generator and UPS. Here through this page you can get details about best generator name and model with price so read further information that is collected by deep research.

Homage Generator is best product for load shedding so if you are thinking solution of load shedding then just buy homage generator. Homage electronic company is very popular and big company in Pakistan that is the reason this company market share is very increases in electronic industry.  Now in below side get details about Homage Generator Prices In Pakistan 2016.

Homage Generator Prices In Pakistan 2016

Homage Generator Prices In Pakistan 2016

Homage Generator Prices In Pakistan:

Model                                                                   Price

Homage HGR 6.00 KV-D                                80,299 PKR

Homage HGR 5.00KV-D                                 74,249 PKR

Homage HGR 3.00 KV                                     60m 499 PKR

Homage HGR 2.50 KV-D                                  42,349 PKR

Homage HGR 6.00KV-D with ATS               93,499 PKR

Homage HGR 5.00KV-D with ATS               82,499 PKR

Homage HGR-2.50KV-D with ATS              49,499 PKR

Homage HGR-1.00KV-D                                 28,599 PKR

Homage Generator 2.5 KV                           35,000 PKR

Homage Generator 5KVG ATS                    76.900 PKR

Homage Generator 5KVG                            68,000PPKR

Homage Generator 6KVG                            73,800 PKR

Homage Generator 6KVG                            87,400 PKR

Through homage Generators you can get latest technology like stand by option, automatic on an off option and transfer system so if you are interested then buy homage generator through Lahore and any other cities but keep in mind this price is update on 22nd of April 2016 so after this date may be you can get little bit difference in prices.

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