Lemon Benefits For Skin in Urdu

Lemon Benefits For Skin in Urdu pictures is today interesting topic for all readers specially female readers. Lemon side is very small but its benefits are very high as compare to this small product size.  Lemon can easily use for different kitchen things cleaning. Lemon is also using for skin care. If you want to clean kitchen cooking rang and water bottles yellow color then just apply water and lemon mixture for cleanness procedure well this method is just for cleaning now further all details is best for female those want to glow their skin with lemon. Female you must have knowledge skin black spot on elbow or Knee is very hard to clean with different beauty product but through lemon you can clean your knee and elbow easily without any lengthy method. Bring one lemon and cut it on mid part now you has two lemon part for skin cleanness. Bring one lemon and rub on your knee or elbow after few minutes you can see due to lemon your skin will clean easily without any extra effort.

If your skin will face any chemical reaction then lemon is best solution for your painful condition. Just add lemon and water equal quantity on one bottle and spray on skin part where you are feeling chemical reaction. Step two is rub lemon on your skin slowly position. You can also use lemon mask for your face. Mix one table spoon lemon juice and one tomato juice  and now ass cucumber juice and mix all material for apply on your face for 15 to 20 minutes. For hand skin cut lemon in two slices and rub on full hand 10 to 30 minutes without any break, after this you can see your skin cleanness and wetness.

Lemon Benefits For Skin in Urdu

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Lemon Benefits For Skin in Urdu

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