Mehnat Ki Azmat Essay In Urdu

Lawful earning is also worship. When a person has no more than his needs, than he would not spend on serving of humanities, like Zakat, charity, sacrifice and social works. He would not able to help poor, orphan, widow, pilgrims, neighbors, family and siblings.  This all depends on wealth and wealth can be earned through hard work and struggle. One who works hard, Allah blesses him with rewards. Hard Working has a great glory at Allah so that is why today my topic is about “Mehnat ki Azmat essay in Urdu”. Hard work has great beatitude because hard work makes human superior to others and a good life can be earn through hard work. From the day first whatever human has earned has great contribution of hard working. With this, human has solved his problems. With hard work human has produce the material of his need. Human has done new invention by working hard day and night.

Mehnat Ki Azmat Essay In Urdu

mehnat ki azmat essay in urdu

So this is mehnat ki azmat essay in Urdu. Travail and struggle are the bail of every success. This is the ability which has great benefits. Opposite to this, those nations who don’t work hard become underdeveloped and live in poverty instead of pride and honor. They have to become the inferior of other successful nations and countries. Hard working is the key to progress. Everything is achievable with hard work and struggle. In history there is not a single example which shows that one become successful without hard working. All those persons who depend on other lost their abilities and can’t face the difficulties of their harsh time. In the pride of wealth, taking work done of one from others is the disrespect of human beings.

Those nations of world who succeeded have many striving years behind. If human become aware of glory of hard work and consider hard work as key to success than, he face no hesitation in working ward. He will become successful leaps and bound. Miracle doesn’t happen until work hard. First one has to work hard than miracle happens and then asked to him that tells what you want you will be served. This is the reward of your hard work and Allah never keeps reward of someone’s hard work. Work hard until world call you and ask what you want, take it. If you also want that you will become progress and successful than you have to work hard because hard work has glory and this was our topic today Mehnat Ki Azmat essay in Urdu.

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