PTCL Internet Packages In Pakistan 2017

If you are student, employ or running a business then yes your one of the basic need is a fastest internet connection, because in this globalize world we are connecting through internet so through this page you can get details about PTCL Internet Packages In Pakistan 2017. According my experience PTCL is only company that is providing fastest internet through latest technology. This is up to you select any internet packages through PTCL because PTCL is providing 2G, 3G and 4G internet so select PTCL internet packages in below side we are sharing all packages details.  there are many ways to purchase the PTCL broadband by calls, from retailers, by customer service centers and PTCL company offices. PTCL is the fastest growing network as an internet provider so it is introducing new packages for their customers. the packages are for the convenience of the customer and to facilitate your customer through cheap packages. These packages are suitable for every type of customer in Pakistan.

PTCL Internet Packages In Pakistan 2017

PTCL Internet Packages In Pakistan 2017

PTCL Internet Packages Benefits:

  • Get fastest internet through 3G, 4G or 2G technology
  • throng single strength all over the coverage area
  • Wifi option is available for customers
  • High Speed download facility with respect to package.
  • Unlimited downloading facility according to package
  • 24/7 custom care help center for every one.
  • Free modem for new customers.

PTCL Internet Packages Price and internet Bucket:

  • 1Mbps Economy Package @ Rs.625 (10 GB) + 1500 Installation Fee
  • 1Mbps Package @ Rs. 1,325 (Unlimited Downloading) + 1500 Installation Fee
  • 2Mbps Economy Package at Rs. 775 (15 GB) + 1500 Installation Fee
  •  2Mbps [email protected] Rs 1,575 (Unlimited Downloading) + 1500 Installation Fee
  • 4Mbps Economy Package @ Rs. 999 (20 GB) + 1500 Installation Fee
  • 4Mbps Package @ Rs. 1,775 (Unlimited Downloading) + 1500 Installation Fee
  • 8Mbps at Rs 3,025 (Unlimited Downloading) + 1500 Installation Fee
  • 12Mbps at Rs 4,000 (Unlimited Downloading) + 1500 Installation Fee
  • 16Mbps at Rs 5,000 (Unlimited Downloading) + 1500 Installation Fee

How to Subscribe PTCL Internet any package:

  • Very simple method is available for PTCL package subscription so just call on 0800 80 800
  • if you want to registered your complaint regarding PTCL connection complain then just dial 1218 through your Landline

after PTCL Internet Packages In Pakistan 2017 if you want to get different internet connection details then visit this website main homepage.

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