Warid Internet Packages 2018

All Warid internet connection users if you want to use fastest internet then Warid Internet Packages 2018 details is available for you so must read all details. Different Telecom companies have purchased 3G internet latest technology for their internet users by Government of Pakistan but Warid was not contributed on that 3G and 4G internet beading because of Warid already the owner of 4G LTE technology according to Warid old agreement with PTA Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.  Warid LTE service is popular in Pakistan because LTE 4G internet connection speeds improve as compare to other internet technology like 3G and simple 4G. According to last month report Warid mobile internet subscriber number of ratio increased so this report shows Warid offers batter internet service as compare to other network company’s internet services. in below side all Warid Internet Packages 2018 details is available for you.

Warid Internet Packages 2018

Warid Internet Packages 2018


Pkj Name Rs. Volume Validity Sub.Code
Daily Peak-Off-Peak 20 100MBs (24 Hours) + 1100 MBs in Off Peak (2M to 2 PM) 24 Hours *117*4#
Daily Browser 10 50 MB 1 Day *117*11#


Pkj Name Rs. Volume Validity Sub.Code
Weekly Browser 50 300 MB 7 Days *117*3#
Weekly Streamer 80 750 MB 7 Days *117*7#
Weekly Premium 110 2,000 MB 7 Days *117*47#
Weekly Mega 160 4,000 MB 7 Days *159#
Weekly Extreme (2AM to 2PM) 60 2,500 MB 7 Days (2AM to 2PM) *117*14#


Pkj Name Rs. Volume Validity Sub.Code
Monthly Browser 160 2,100 MB 30 Days *117*77#
Monthly Supreme 750 12000MB 30 Days *117*32#
Monthly Extreme (2AM to 2PM) 100 5,000 MB 30 Days *117*34#
Monthly Mega 300 4200 MB 30 Days *117*31#
Monthly Mega Plus 500 7500 MBs 30 Days *117*30#

Warid Internet for Facbook ad Whatapp:

Through Waird faccbook and Whatsapp internet packages you can use both social media services

Charges of this offer is 1 per day

If you want to active this offer then send FW and send it on 7777

Warid Daily Weekly Monthly Internet Packages:

Get Warid 2MB, 3MB, 4MB internet connection

Send SMS 2MB to 7777 for 2MB daily internet

Send SMS 15 MB to 7777 for 15MB internet

Send SMS UL to 7777 for unlimited daily internet packages

How to Unsubscribe Warid Glow Internet Packages:

if you want to unsubscribe 2MB, 15MB, Unlimited Daily, 250 MB Weekly Bundles, 10MB Monthly Bundles, 100 MB Monthly Bundles, 500 MB Monthly Bundles and 2GB monthly Bundle then just active other internet package because through this procedure old internet package will automatically deactivate.

Warid Super Fact LTE Broad Band USB Packages:

Get fastest 4G LTE Waird internet package through Wingel Smart, Wingle Extra and Wingle Ultra offers also with monthly charges 1500, 2000 and 3000.

Warid 4G Mifi Device:

Warid 4G MIFi Smart 15GB with Double offer 30Gb monthly price 1500

Waird MiFi Extra volume 20 GB with double offer 40 GB per month 2000

Mifi Ultra 35GB with double volume 70 GB per month 3000

after Warid Internet Packages 2018 if you want to get different Waird call packages then visit this website main home page. You have obtained a list of better packages to enjoy MBs for utilizing the internet on your mobile under a fastest speed internet experiences. Besides these Warid internet packages visit the home page of this website to get further packages.

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