Jazz Mobitunes Code 2021 Subscribe, Unsubscribe Code

We are sharing Jazz Mobitunes Code 2021 Subscribe, Unsubscribe Code for prepaid and postpaid jazz users so must read all available brief that is helpful for your Mobitunes activation and deactivation method. Almost every Mobile user want that their callers must listen to their favorite songs or dialogues and for that reason, they set Jazz mobitunes or caller tunes. Through these tunes, they express their feelings with their beloved ones. Readers keep in mind before any offer subscription you must have knowledge about offer term and condition and charges so that is the reason we are sharing Mobilink cash offer details. Mostly people are not active caller tune due to different reason but we cannot deny Pakistani youth is likes to avail this option because through this they are expressing their feeling.

Jazz Mobitunes Code 2021 Subscribe, Unsubscribe Code

Jazz users can activate Jazz Mobitunes by dialing Jazz Mobitunes Code. Through this article, we are sharing Jazz Mobitunes Subscribe code 2021 as well as unsubscribe code for Jazz users. So follow this post to get detail information.

Mobilink Mobitunes Code 2021 Subscribe Unsubscribe Charges For Prepaid And Postpaid

Jazz Mobitunes Subscribe Code 2021:

Type SMS “Sub” and send this message to 230 number otherwise you can just dial 230

Jazz Mobitunes Unsubscribe Code:

if you want to deactivate Mobilink Mobitunes offer then just type “Unsub” in message and send his message to 230 otherwise second option Is available for Unsubscribe method so just dial 230

Jazz Mobitunes Charges 2021:

  • Keep in mind Prepaid sim mobitune charges is different and Postpaid is different
  • Subscription Charges: Rs.4.77+t per week
  • IVR Charges: Rs.2.38 per minute
    SMS Charges: Rs.9.55 per SMS
Ke Menu Qasam Hai Mere Akhyan


Mein Tenu Samjhawan Ki 133606
Avian Rusia Na Kar 132345
Hole Hole Sade Kolon Door 257266
Bhawen Lakha Deyan Tere Pyar D 190299
Mangan Mein Duawan 151487
Mein Malaang Haan Ya Ali Da 135119
Bismillah Karan 156227
Sada Ton Hiko Hik Yaar 132753
Ye Sila Mila Hai Mujhko 154035

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