When Ramadan Starts in 2022 Pakistan Date

This question is asked frequently by people when Ramadan starts in 2022 Pakistan Date so that is the reason we have selected this topic through this page you can get a brief answer so read all information that is based on deep research. According to the Islamic calendar, total Islamic months are 12 but remember Islamic months are started in the month of Muharram and after Islamic 8 eight-month Ramadan month is started in every year and after this month only three Islamic months are left in the Islamic year-wise calendar. This year in 2022 Ramadan will start on 2nd April 2022. According to the moon age, Pakistani scientists give the prediction Eid ul Fitr 2022 in Pakistan will be celebrated on 2nd May 2022. In Ramadan, The Holy Quran Pak was revealed, and during Ramadan, all Muslims fast for the whole month. Sometimes total Ramadan month fasting based on 29 days or sometimes 30 days it all depends on moon age. Well, Keep on reading to get about when Ramadan starts in 2022 Pakistan date. Scroll down this page now.

When Ramadan Starts in 2022 Pakistan Date

The Hijri calendar for Ramadan is graduating coming back and every year the Ramadan started some days before the last schedule. So as per the schedule and stages of Moon, we are expecting this year the Ramadan In Pakistan Will Start as per the following schedule.

Ramadan 2022 Starting Date In Pakistan Saturday, 3rd April 2022
Eid Ul Fitr 2022 Monday, 2nd May 2022

When Ramadan Starts in 2022 Pakistan Date

When Ramadan Starts in 2022 Pakistan Date

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Actually, there are many people who are not having knowledge that how old the history of Ramdan is even unfamiliar with it. And here we will also tell you the benefits of fasting. The history of fasting is coming from the prophet Adam even before the Prophet’s prophethood, the ummah of the prophets used to fast. As Allah has appointed angels to write down our good deeds. But how much more important it is to fast that the angels are not responsible for writing down its goodness. Rather, Allah Himself has given the reward of fasting. That is why God has reserved two joys for the fasting person. 1 When he breaks the fast. 2 When he meets his Lord.

In fact, it was the month of Ramadan in which the revelation of the Qur’an began. And in the month of Ramadan, the Muslims were victorious over the infidels on many fronts. A living example of the blessings of Ramadan is your own dear country Pakistan. It was the month of Ramadan that Pakistan came into being in the region and was apparently liberated from the slavery of the infidels and enemies of Islam. There are innumerable benefits of fasting which eliminate many diseases from the human body. And from the point of view of Islam, a Muslim is cleansed of innumerable sins. So lucky people see this holy month and take advantage of it. That’s why people are eagerly waiting for this month. And want to know in which Gregorian month Ramadan is coming in 2022.

When Ramadan Starts in 2022 Pakistan:

So you are now well known about when Ramadan starts in Pakistan date. Through these pictures, we try to share Ramadan’s importance according to Quran and Hadis so read it carefully. Remember each Ramadan begins about eleven days earlier than in the previous year. In the Month of Ramadan, all Muslims try to perform 5-time namaz in whole one day and other many prays are performed by Muslims in Masjid and also home. Now at the end, we again like to share that Ramadan starts in 2022 Pakistan’s date is Saturday, 3rd April 2022.


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