Vegetable Names In English And Urdu With Pictures List pdf

We are sharing vegetable names in English and Urdu with pictures list pdf so must read this informative knowledge. in Pakistan English language is consider  third language after Urdu and other local language.  In Pakistan English schooling system is more popular as compare to Urdu because in future all document and education communication way is base on English language so try to understand and use small English wording and sentence front of your children. Take start through home use English wording like Vegetable words.

Vegetables and fruit name usually use daily at home and if elder children , father and mother say this things name in English then automatically kids will understand and use this wording easily. You must have knowledge school beginning kids subjects is base on Vegetable name, fruit name, countries name and cities name so through communication you can deliver perfect k knowledge.

vegetable names in english and urdu with pictures list pdf


Bengan                                                                 Aubergine/ Eggplant


Chakandar                                                          Beetroot


Mirch                                                                    Chilli

Corn/ Sweetcorn

Makai                                                                    Corn/ Sweetcorn


Onion                                                                    Pyaaz


Matar                                                                    Pea


Alu                                                                         Potato

Bell Pepper

Shimla Mirch                                                      Bell Pepper

Bitter Gorud

Kerela                                                                   Bitter Gorud


Kheera                                                                                 Cucumber


Paythaa                                                                                Pumpkin


Sabaz Gobhi                                                       Boroccoli


Few Number of Vegetable Names

  • Lassan                                                                   Garlic
  • Adrak                                                                    Ginger
  • Kadu                                                                      Butternut
  • Timater                                                                Tomato
  • Hara Pyaaz                                                          Leek
  • Slaad                                                                     Lettuce
  • Shakar Qandi                                                     Tam/ Sweet Potato
  • Gaajar                                                                   Carrot
  • Bhindi                                                                   Okra
  • Phool Gobhi                                                       Cauliflower
  • Shaljam                                                                   Turnip

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