Zong latest call, sms, internet packages 2018 promotions for prepaid, postpaid are available here. Zong is planning to do better with latest call, SMS and 4G internet packages/promotions for prepaid and postpaid customers in the year of 2018. Zong was established in 2008 and is a well known mobile service provider in Pakistan. Zong occupies 3rd position in the list of Major mobile service providers in Pakistan with 25.6 million Subscribers all over the Pakistan. 18% market shares are on the side of Zong. In the short period from 2008 till now, Zong has progressed a lot and is giving a big competition to other mobile service providers in Pakistan. Zong is always trying to honor its valued customers with best services. Telecommunication technology in Pakistan is very expensive due to different taxes but Zong is always comforting its customers with economy packages. Now you can enjoy Zong latest call Pakcages 2018, Zong latest SMS packages 2018 as well as the Zong latest internet packages 2018.

These Zong latest call, sms, internet packages 2018 come with low rates as compared to usual rates. People are always searching for Packages in order to have low rates with best plans. Latest Call packages / promotions of Zong let the customers to enjoy huge number of minutes to talk to loved ones all across the Pakistan at very low rates. Voice quality is not compromised in case of low rates packages as quality is never compromised from Zong. SMS trend in Pakistan is getting very popular. Now every second person in Pakistan is doing SMS on daily routines. Most of the people prefer SMS as this confirms your message on the other end no matter if other end is busy or available. Keeping in view of increasing trend of SMS in Pakistan, Zong has launched a bunch of latest SMS Packages / Promotions for the year of 2018.

These packages will not only let the customers to enjoy thousands of SMS in fact new and exciting durations are also added to these packages. Internet is the most modern way to stay in touch with the whole world. And when internet is added to mobile then connection with the world become unbreakable. Zong has took great care of this need of its customers and have launched a latest technology of 4G mobile internet in Pakistan. Zong is the only mobile service provider in Pakistan that is offering 4G mobile internet. that’s not yet finished Zong has also launched exciting new packages / promotions that will let its subscribers to enjoy Pakistan’s fastest mobile internet at lowest rates ever. Details of all Zong latest Call, SMS, Internet packages 2018 promotions for prepaid, postpaid stay in touch with our website.

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Zong Latest Call, SMS, Internet Packages 2018

Zong Latest Packages 2018