PIA Hajj Flight Schedule 2019 In Pakistan

Pakistan Air Lines have finalized the PIA Hajj Flight Schedule 2019 In Pakistan. These flights will announce for big Pakistani cities like Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar, Multan, and Rawalpindi and thousands of Pakistani people will travel through these flights that will arrange by Ministry of Religious Affairs government fo Pakistan. This year according to the MORA’s official report, a total of 84000 Pakistani pilgrims will perform hajj through Hajj Policy 2019 that is issued under hajj ministry mean ministry of religious affairs. Now for further detail on this stage we want to share one important thing in few website PIA Hajj Flight Schedule 2019 In Pakistan are announced with dates that is totally wrong information so do not waste your time and you must have this knowledge PIA is working on Hajj flights schedule and after a few days you can get Govt Flight Schedule for Hajj 2019 when officially announced after this now we continue reading further details.

PIA Hajj Flight Schedule 2019 In Pakistan

Ministry of Religious Affairs (MORA) has announced with the collaboration of Pakistan Internatinal Air Lines. we are presenting you the PIA hajj flight schedule 2019 in Pakistan. According to which the first flight will start first flight on Thursday 4th July 2019.

PIA Hajj Flight Schedule 2019 In Pakistan


Total Number of Pilgrims Who Will Perform Hajj 2019 84000
The Departure Schedule From Pakistan 04th July 2019 to 5th Agust
The Arrival of Schedule From Saudi Arabia 17th August 2019 to 14th September
Number of Flights Scheduled For Allocation 318
Number of Pilgrims From Lahore 14922
Number of Pilgrims From Islamabad 14040
Number of Pilgrims From Karachi 15125
Number of Pilgrims From Peshawar 8740
Number of Pilgrims From Sialkot 4300
Number of Pilgrims From Multan 5300
Number of Pilgrims From Faisalabad 1700
Number of Pilgrims From Quetta 8794
Number of Pilgrims From Sukkur 639

So this is the PIA hajj flight schedule 2019 in Pakistan which each one has to follow. While the further details about your specified date schedule, flight number, time of departure, and time of attendance at AirPort will be all notified to you on your mobile number as well as a phone call will also be received on your active phone number. Moreover, a message service has also been settled for you to aware of all the details. Never get careless about even a single clue of this PIA Hajj Flight Schedule 2019 In Pakistan.


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