Ufone Uwon Call, Sms, Internet Package 2021

Ufone has always brought about with something really new and refreshing best for their customers in terms of packages. And this newly announced Ufone Uwon package 2021 is one such perfect example out of it. Ufone Uwon package 2021 has been launched out just a couple of days back and this package has been best much in bringing up with some amazing benefits and offers for the Ufone users. Ufone Uwon call, sms, internet package 2021 is no doubt one of the best and well known cellular networks in Pakistan as heading on with strong competition with rest of the cellular networks in terms of packages about calls, SMS, internet and international calls. They do bring about the packages that are low in rates and best in terms of benefits of the customers. Let’s have a detail discussion about Ufone Uwon package 2021! You would love activating it for sure!

Ufone Uwon Call, Sms, Internet Package 2021

Ufone Uwon Call, Sms, Internet Package 2021 Charges, Subscribe Code

Important Benefits of Ufone Uwon Package 2021:

  • By using this package, you can make the Ufone to PTCL call by the cost of Rs. 2.1 + tax/Minute.
  • You can make calls to other local networks at the cost of about Rs. 2.1 + tax/Minute. After one minute new charges will start off.
  • For making the SMS local the cost would be about Rs. 2.03 (incl. Tax).
  • For making an SMS international the charges will be about Rs. 5+tax.
  • For using the internet the charges will be about Rs. 20/MB (incl. Tax). The next 19 MBs are free to use.
Ufone and PTCL Rs. 2.1 + tax/Minute
Other local networks Rs. 2.1 + tax/Minute
SMS local Rs. 2.03 (incl. Tax)
SMS International Rs. 5+tax
Internet (2G & 3G) Rs. 20/MB (incl. Tax), Next 19 MBs Free
Dial *444*1# or SMS 1 to 444

How to Activate Ufone Uwon Package 2021?

 You can get yourself activated with this package as by dialing *444*1# or SMS 1 to 444.

Terms & Conditions of Ufone Uwon Package 2021:

  1. Right into this package the additional call setup charges of Rs. 0.15 (inclusive of tax) will be charged on every call.
  2. All the charges are exclusive of taxes.
  3. UCircle is not available with this offer.
  4. This offer is for limited time duration as it can bring up with some changes at any point of time.

So, this was probably the end of the discussion about Ufone Uwon call, sms, internet package 2021 and how you can easily get activated with it. This package has been offering with so many of the incentives that would make you offer to get connected with your friends and family at any time you want to.

Stop wasting a single second and be the first to get activated with this package right now!

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