When Is Shab-e-Meraj 2019 In Pakistan

Do you know When Is Shab-e-Meraj 2019 In Pakistan? Shab-e-Meraj refers to the physical and spiritual journey of Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) took a single night around 621 CE. On this remarkable night, Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) traveled on the steed “Burraq” to the farthest Mosque a journey from Mecca to Jerusalem and then to heaven. It is also called the night of ascent. The Holy Prophet came to this world in order to impart the knowledge to mankind. Islamic history has so many miracle events and Shab-e-Meraj is one of them. There are so many beautiful events in the history of Islam. On these events, all government and private institutions declare holidays for the general public in order to honor these events by special chant and devotion. Muslims from all across the world organize special prayers on this night every year. This year also they are looking for the Shab e Meraj 2019 exact date.

When Is Shab-e-Meraj 2019 In Pakistan

Shab-e-Meraj is also known as Al Isra’ Wal Miraj, this beautiful event is observed on 27th of the day in the month of Rajab. Rajab is the seventh month of the Islamic Calendar. In most of the Muslim countries of the world, Shab-e-Meraj has declared as a public holiday but in some non-Muslim countries, it is not a public holiday such as America, Australia, and Canada etc. Now to keep on reading this post to get when is Shab-e-Meraj 2019 in Pakistan…

When Is Shab-e-Meraj 2019 In Pakistan

Shabe-e-Meraj 2019 in Pakistan:

Almost every Muslim wants to know the exact date or day of Shab-e-Meraj in 2019. All Muslim Ummah chant the remarkable or miracle of Islamic history very beautifully. In the mosque, there are special events and Mehfils are conducted in order to explain or revive the story of Hazrat Muhammad’s Journey to meeting with the Lord of Heavens. Concluding from last Islamic calendar we abstract that in 2019 the Shab-e-Meraj is coming on 3rd of April, 2019 on Wednesday.

Public Holiday on Shab-e-Meraj 2019:

Shab-e-Meraj is Islamic event in the history of Islam celebrate by all Muslim Ummah on 27th of Rajab, which is the seventh month of Islamic Calendar. But there is a huge difference between Islamic and Lunar Calendar.

Shab-e-Meraj 2019 In Pakistan?

Date:- Shab-e-Meraj be held on 3rd of April, 2019

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There is a huge significance of fast on this glorious event. Muslims in all over the world offer Nafli Ibada’at in order to seek forgiveness for their sins and bad acts. There are so many Hadith are also there regarding the importance and significance of Ibada’at on Shab-e-Meraj. Muslims illuminate their houses with candles and lights in the memory of this event. The story or event of Al Isra Wal Miraj is briefly described in Quran and elaborated the significance of this event. In all public and private schools, speech competition regarding Shab-e-Meraj is also conducted. They décor their homes, communities, and institutes with electric lights and candles and also distributes sweets and foods to one another. So these are all the details about when is Shab-e-Meraj 2019 in Pakistan.

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