Basant 2022 Date In Lahore

About 13 years banned Kite Flying Festival has been lifted and alert about the Basant 2022 date in Lahore latest news updates. The decision considered as per the celebration which is held in February. The media press conference highlighted that committee formed to deliberate how “negative aspects” of the Basant 2022 festival. The decision is taken after a long time ban that is 12 years. The festival is the marks the arrival of spring season. It is celebrated in the second week of Feb 2022. The exact date of the Basant festival is not declared yet. It is the big news comes out after the Punjab information and culture minister Fayyazul Hassan Chohan.

Basant 2022 Date In Lahore

He was endorsing the event by drafting decision about the Basant 2022 Date In Lahore. The traditional kite-flying festival of Lahore was banned that automatically increased the number of increasing deaths. Now it is the question why the Punjab Government decided to lift the ban upon Basant 2022?

Basant 2022 Date In Lahore Latest News Updates

Kite Flying Festival Basant 2022 Date In Lahore: 2nd Week of February 2022

The answer is simple that is logical as well. The Punjab law minister, provincial chief secretary, and other administration officials would decide the fate of Kite Flying Festival 2022 negative aspects of the festival. He thinks that negative outcomes can be avoided and overcome in the best way. The provincial minister further explained that recommendations would be collected in a week to finally got or drop the idea.

Lahore Basant 2022 Latest News Updates:

  • Due To The Challenge By Governement of Punjab To Lahore High Court For Justify Decision Of Releasing Basant Ban in Lahore (The Blood Game).
  • That is Why The LHC Issued The Stay Orders On Basant and Until Next Report!

While the announcement about the Basant 2022 date in Lahore, the officials also released the following statements for the Lahore public to follow the rules if they want this Kite Festival 2022 Date in Lahore celebrations.

  • Lahore Population will celebrate Basant in this mess enriched environment.
  • The supreme court has no verdict about the permanent ban on the Basant festival. The endorsement should be made within the ambit of law.
  • All rules and regulations devised by the government would be considered in this Basant 2022 event.
  • It would be the good start of spring festival after 12 years of banned if the government took decision for Basant 2022.
  • The answer to heated debate is given by the chief minister of Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar that it has no relation to religion, it has only one view of the cultural festival.  These points are considered  as Lahore Basant 2022 News

Kite Flying Festival Basant 2022 Date In Lahore

There are two views inculcating in the Lahore society after Kite Flying Festival Basant 2022 Date In Lahore latest news updates one said that it is the license to kill people again and others who are enjoying it. It is a great decision in the next event with the great festivals.

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