Bank Alfalah Car Financing Details And Installment Plan

Here we are giving you Bank Alfalah Car Financing Details And Installment Plan. Bank Alfalah has made it very easy to get your dream car. It was never as easy as Bank Alfalah has made it. The Minimum documentation and suitable mark-up rates by Bank Alfalah are giving a new turn to car financing. It was incorporated on 21st June 1997 as a Public company. Bank Alfalah is considered the fifth-largest bank of Pakistan with 648 branches in more than 170 cities all over the country. Besides this, Bank Alfalah is an international bank which is operated by an Abu Dhabi group and this Bank is also giving its services in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Bahrain. This bank has now given new policies for can financing. Here we are giving you every single detail about Bank Afalah car financing and installments plans. These details will include eligibility criteria, documentation, and mark up rates. Also, check Bank Al Habib Apni Car Auto Loan.

Bank Alfalah Car Financing Details And Installment Plan

You may know about the Car Financing policy of Bank Alfalah. It offers its customers the best car financing that can make your dream come true. Whether you want a brand new or a used car, it has different plans for each and you can apply for the financing. Bank Alfalah car finance is making it very easy to get your dream car. You can check the salient features of it that are given below. For the details of this Car Financing, have a look down for it.

Bank Alfalah Car Financing Details And Installment Plan

Bank Alfalah Car Finance Salient Features:

  1. New cars, used or even imported cars can be selected.
  2. You can also select the monthly installment plan according to your efficiency (there is a tenure of up to 7 years).
  3. They also give you a greater down payment flexibility that gives you comfortability to pay.
  4. Comprehensive insurance with reasonable rates is also included.
  5. There is no implement of termination charges on car replacement.
  6. Minimum documentation for convenience of valued customers.

Bank Alfalah Car Financing Documents required:

  1. Passport-sized two photographs.
  2. Computerized national ID card copy.
  3. Six-month bank statement.
  4. Salary certificate in English.
  5. Verified signatures by the banker.

Car Financing Eligibility criteria:

  • Candidates must be a Pakistani national
  • Candidates must be aged from 21 to 65 years.
  • Income source is required such as employment, business, or Co-borrower.
  • A self-employed person must have a minimum of 50,000 per month income
  • Rental income, Insurance income holder can also apply for the Car loan

Bank Alfalah Car Loan Installment Plan:

Those persons who are looking for the Bank Alfalah Car Loan Installment Plan can check the Markup rates and other details from this website. It is compulsory to calculate interest either variable or fixed before buying a new car or used car.

Bank Alfalah Markup Rates for Car Loan:

Bank Alfalah is providing the most efficient and affordable markup rates for car financing. According to the policy of Bank Alfalah different markup rates are offered for different cars. Brand new vehicles have a different rate, brand new imported vehicles have different and new semi-commercial and second-hand vehicles have different rates. Below we are giving you the chart in which mark up rates for every vehicle is given under the tenure options up to 7 years. These markup rates are given in percentage from the total amount financed by the Bank Alfalah.

Financing Product on Fixed Rates 1 Year 2 Years 3 Years 4 Years 5 Years 6 Years 7 Years
Auto Loan for Brand New Vehicles 16.00% 16.00% 16.00% 16.50% 16.50% 16.50% 16.50%
Auto Loan for Brand New Imported Vehicles 16.50% 16.50% 16.50% 16.50% 16.50% -NA- -NA-
Brand New Semi Corn. Vehicles (Local Make) 17.00% 17.00% 17.00% 17.00% 17.00% -NA- -NA-
Second-Hand Vehicles 17.50% 17.50% 17.50% 17.50% 17.50% -NA- -NA-
Second-Hand Vehicles 21.00% 21.00% 21.00% 21.00% 21.00%

Bank Alfalah Auto Loan Calculator

The complete detail of Bank Alfalah Car Financing Details And Installment Plan is given above. Must check this detail to get complete information about Bank Alfalah Car Loan. So, hopefully, you got all the important details that are needed. Now, you just have to consult your family or friends and select this car financing.

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