PTCL Helpline Number and PTCL Customer Care Number

PTCL Helpline Number and PTCL Customer Care Number is also available on this page if you are Pakistan Telecommunication company users then you have any query then PTCL helpline number and customer care number will very helpful for you. Now in this beginning stage we want to share you PTCL short introduction and its contribution in telecom sector. PTCL is number one Pakistani telecom Network Company it has great infrastructure. This company provides telephonic and internet services in all over Pakistan. The company manages and operates around 20000 telephone exchanges across the country. That is the reason PTCL helpline toll free number is 24hr active for PTCL customer all customer care number is also available for customers complain, query etc. if you face any difficulty or you have any query regarding PTCL network then you can get PTCL Helpline Number and PTCL Customer Care Number on this page. Remember one thing if you want new connection PTCL phone or PTCL internet then yes this PTCL toll free helpline number and PTCL customer care number is also useful for you. PTCL have believe if customer are satisfied that mean PTCL system is working well and if complain ratio is increase then this is alarming position that is the reason PTCL focus on customer satisfaction. PTCL have mission focus on quality and time get growth in earning profitability and adopt optimum technology.

PTCL Helpline Number and PTCL Customer Care Number

PTCL Helpline Number and PTCL Customer Care Number

Toll Free PTCL Helpline Number And Customer Service number.

CLI, Voice Message Service activations


111 465 465
Assistance on all services


Complaint registration or help on any fault


PTCL Calling Card


0800 8 0808
Inquiry or directory services


Billing information


To Update Directory Inquiry


0800 0 1217
Directory Assistance  


Information Helpline


Package Conversion


New Service order line



PTCL 24 hour help lines are there to provide assistance at your convenience. If you want New Service Order Line. Now you can order you Vfone connections on phone by dialing our service order line 0800-80800 and place an order with our CSR and for Information Helpline For any information and complaint registration you can call our 24 hours helpline 1236. For converting your package simply dial 1015 from your Vfone and follow the instructions For directory Assistance Call our helpline 1217

We will make hope our website users get almost all details if you have any query then just drop you query on comment box after this you will get reply as soon as possible.

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