Jazz 2 Hour Call Package 2022 Code Details

Jazz 2 Hour Call Package 2022  includes three types of offers. Thus, if you are a member of the Jazz telecom network, then you can enjoy the Jazz 2 Hour Call Package 2022 Code Details. Jazz has launched this offer exclusively for its customers. There is no reason for you to miss out on this offer because it is an unbeatable deal. The emergence of the internet has become a reality as, day by day, the use of the internet increases due to globalization. This is one of the reasons why different telecom companies are offering mobile internet packages, but most people prefer to get a package that includes multiple things like free minutes, SMS, internet data, etc. I’m sure you already know that Facebook is the most popular social media platform for social networking, and it has a lot of features for this purpose.

Jazz 2 Hour Call Package 2022

If you are one of those people who want to use Facebook, you do not need to purchase any expensive internet bundles because Jazz has 2 hours of unlimited internet calls. This package offers 2 hours of unlimited Facebook usage, so make sure you use Facebook with this offer. We would like to mention here that you are also entitled to unlimited 2-hour calls over the internet. Jazz 2 Hour Call Package 2022 Code Details are given there.

Jazz 2 Hour Call Package

Jazz 2 Hour Call Package 2022 Code Details:

This package consists of three different offers with names like Jazz Ghanta Offer, Jazz Super Ghanta Offer, and Jazz Student Bundle. All these options are available with various charges, but they are all within your budget. For example, if we can talk about the internet data that comes with this package, you can use unlimited internet data in the Azz Student Bundle package. For your information, other details are given below if you are interested in availing of this.

Package Name Free on-net minutes Free MBS Valid Price
Jazz Ghanta Offer 120 2 Hours Rs.3
Jazz Super Ghanta Offer 60 1 Hour Rs.6
Jazz Student Bundle 120 unlimited 2 Hours Rs.7.5

Jazz Student Package 2 Hour:

Through the below chart, you can get details about this offer because on this chart you can get how to subscribe to this offer, how to unsubscribe from this offer, and the charges of this offer. Jazz Student Offer 2 Hours Unlimited On-Net Calls And Facebook details if you want to get this offer term and condition then read below-given details.

Price Rs. 7.5 Incl. Tax
Balance Require Rs.9
Internet Unlimited data for Facebook
On-net Minutes Unlimited
Duration 2 Hour (Except 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM)
To Subscribe Dial *3000#
To Check Status Dial *320*2#
To Info Dial *320*3#
To Un-Subscribe Dial *320*4#

Jazz Super Ghanta Offer Code:

This package also consists of interesting features, and you can also check the remaining data by dialing the code *638*2#. You can get this package at any time of the day. There is another important thing that you should remember: this offer is available in the areas of 2G, 3G, and 4G networks.

Package Internet Data Activate Code Valid Charges
Jazz Super Ghanta Offer 1GB *638# 1 hour Rs: 10

Jazz Ghanta Offer Code:

You can guess the package’s nature by its relation to 1 hour. You can also get free jazz unlimited calls for an hour, but this package only lasts for two hours. The charge for this package is three rupees.

Package Activate Code Valid Charges Status Code
Jazz Ghanta Offer *638# 1 hour Rs: 10 *638*2#

So all information will be satisfied with all the information related to this package, which means that you can make unlimited calls to jazz numbers. Jazz 2 Hour Call Package 2022 Code Details all information is given there.

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