Union Star Automatic Motorcycle Price In Pakistan 2018

All the bike lovers out there get ready to experience Union Start Automatic motorcycle. Here comes the newly launched one of the most altered bike with new trims and specifications! Union star motorbike manufacturer are presenting the newly featured automatic transmission 4 speed motorcycle in Pakistani automobile market. This is just like 50cc automatic skooter successfully acclaimed in Karachi Pakistan. But this motorcycle is a 70cc automatic gear changing kick start motor cycle. Well it is been hoping that the bike will give a tough competition to other 70ccs available in market. One thing which here I would like to clear is, mostly people thinks that this is china made local quality product. Such peoples are kindly inform that the Union Star is a brand name of automobile motorcycle manufacturer which are producing premier quality products that are long lasting, reliable with genuine parts. Moreover their spare parts are also easily available in market and its tuning and other expenses are lower than the regular manual bikes we have this time. Just keep on reading now to get the Union star automatic motorcycle price in Pakistan 2018.

Union Star Automatic Motorcycle Price In Pakistan 2018

Union Star Automatic Motorcycle Price In Pakistan 2018

Features of US 70cc Automatic Motorcycle:

                                    There is no doubt about the fact that the auto market of the Pakistan has been blooming at the best. A much high level of the advancement in auto market of the Pakistan has been emerging up through the launch of the Union Star Automatic Motorcycle in Pakistan. This bike has been featured upon with the latest technology measures through which it is becoming so much useful for the older people as well as for the female drivers as well. This bike will turn out to be much simple in operation and function.

You will not be finding this bike as enrolled with the automatic motor-bikes that have no gearbox, as well as kick and clutch. This bike has been all carried out with the utilization of the direct-drive technology for its operation. Plus, this bike has been often carried out with the range of features mentioning with the 4-transmission bike that is packed by means of the single cylinder engine and can hold up to the capacity of the 9 liters of petrol.

Will Union Star Automatic Motorcyle Be Popular In Pakistan?

                    One of the biggest benefits of this motorcycle is that it would require little effort of the people in terms of the start up. This is making this bike as one of the favorite among the people. But the people in the dense areas will be finding it little troubling to move up and downshifting because it does not have the option of kick and clutch.

But at the same time, it is being reported out that this bike will not be achieving the popularity which it deserves to get. This is mainly for the reason of the comfort zones and manual transmission that is being accustomed into it. Plus, this bike does require the involvement of the specialized mechanics. Part replacement for the purpose of the automatic bikes can cost them high in rates that would stop so many of the people not to buy it.

Union Star Automatic Motorcycle Price In Pakistan 2018:

              Union Star Motorcycle price in Pakistan is Rs. 44,000/-.

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