Electric E Bike Price And Specification In Pakistan

Electric E Bike Price and specifications in Pakistan are available here. All new technology has been introduced in Pakistan in the name of Electric E bike. This bike is introduced in Pakistan to overcome the crises of power source. In Pakistan the prices of fuels for and automobiles are very high and it is very difficult to have. Average Pakistani employees go to their jobs on daily basis and for this they spend a big amount every month. For all those Electric E bike is very suitable machine that will save their money and as well as it is also efficient and elegant. It has been seen that employees spend their 30% salary on means of transport with their personal cars and bikes. With electric E bike now you can have a smooth drive any where you want at the lowest cost ever. This is not an ordinary Electric E bike some special features are also added to this bike. Designers have given it a new and elegant look that will suit every personality. Here we are providing you details regarding to the electric E bike. These details will include price and specifications in Pakistan. It should be noted that these bikes are imported in Pakistan so it is very important to have a review of this bike first. For further details you can concern other posts regarding t this Electric E bike.

Electric E Bike Price And Specification In Pakistan

Electric E Bike Price And Specification In Pakistan

Electric E Bike Price in Pakistan

Electric E bike was introduced in Pakistan in Karachi on 11th November 2014. With the introduction of this bike, companies have also given prices for these Electric E bikes. It should be noted that these bikes are for the average employees so manufacturers have took great care for the total cost of this bike to be average. And you can believe that the prices of these bikes are affordable for everyone. Here we are giving you the overview of the price of this bike according to the price announced for these bikes on the time of their introduction in Pakistan. These bikes are introduced in 4 models and the price is different for every bike. The models are named as T-60, T-70, T-75 and T80 sports. Prices for these bikes are differently given. For T-60 price is given as 82,900 PKR, for T-70 is 88,900 PKR, T-75 price is announced as 89,900 PKR and for the T-80 sport 95,900 PKR price tag is announced.

Electric E Bike in Pakistan Specifications

Many of the people must be curious about the specifications of this bike at such a low cost. For all those here we are giving you the overview of Electric E bike Specifications in Pakistan.

  T-60 T-70 T-75 T-80 sports
Battery 60V20AH 72V20AH 72V20AH 60V20AH
Motor power 800W 800W 800W 800W
Battery warranty 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year
Motor warranty 2 years 2 years 2 years 2 years
Colors Yellow, red, Blue Yellow, red, Blue Yellow, red, Blue, Grey Yellow, red, Blue


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