NUST Entry Test Preparation Book Notes

Are you all set to grab up NUST Entry Test Preparation Book Notes? Well, we all know that NUST is famously known as National University of Sciences and Technology and it is named as one of the most famous and well-renowned universities in Pakistan. This university is recognized by the Higher Education Commission and affiliated with Pakistan Engineering Council. NUST University offers admission in various undergraduate and postgraduate programs to students. Students who want to take admission in this institute must have to appear and pass the Nust Entry test which is also known as NET test. This test is compulsory to pass for the admission in this institute. This university conducts a test from the given syllabus. The syllabus is in the form of entry test book. So we are going to share this book on this website that you can download and prepare for the test.

NUST Entry Test Preparation Book Notes

National University of Science and Technology conducts entry test from the given syllabus. So if you want to prepare for the test then you must have to download NUST Entry Test Preparation Book Notes from here.

NUST Entry Test Preparation Book Notes

Main Guidelines of NUST Entry Test Preparation:

MCQ based paper having 200 of them in total.

80 are from Mathematics.

60 are from Physics.

30 are from Chemistry.

20 English.

10 IQ.

How To Much Score Is Needed For NUST Admission?

For passing the NUST entry test you should know how much score is needed to pass the test and be the part of this great university.

  1. You have to score almost 150+ marks to be the part of NUST merit for the scholarship.
  2. You have scored the marks in between 145-150 for admission in the electrical and mechanical group.
  3. EME (Mech. or Elect.) or Possibly at H-12 score limit is about 140-145.
  4. For the Chemical at H-12 or Aeronautics at CAE Risalpur or Mechanical at PNEC (Karachi Campus), your score should be almost 130-140.
  5. For the Electrical at PNEC or some IT field at H-12 or Civil Engg. at Risalpur or Telecommunications at MCS you have to score almost 125-130.
  6. For the Electrical or I&M at PNEC, you should score 120-125.
  7. If you will score below 120 you will get nothing.

How To Prepare For NUST Entry Test?

  1. NUST entry test will just be asking the questions related to the subjects that you have studied so far.
  2. The test will not be going to give you any choice just like FSC entry test.
  3. This test will be going to last longer for two hours and you have to give this two hours full concentration and dedication. In these two hours, you have to recall everything in your mind that you have studied since the last few years.
  4. You will be given almost 200 MCQS. You can even take help from some of the ECAT books from Doger Brother’s Ecat. Almost 100 MCQS came up from their recommended books.
  5. Mathematics is one of the most complicated sections of the test. Most of the MCQS are based on the Permutations and Combinations, Probability, Sigma and Summation notation, Arithmetic and Geometric Progression, Limits, Line Graphs, and Conic Sections.
  6. Next comes the physics! In this section, you will be given the MCQS all interlinked with the Fluid Dynamics, Physics of Solids and Electronics.
  7. In the section, you have to answer the MCQs that is all related to the FSC and A level studies.
  8. Last is the portion of English in which you have to answer synonyms and antonyms.


    • Mry bhaii yaha books nahi hote pahly important topics kro karo full fetail ma ur phr dosery
      Agr number best lainy ha to sara text books sai hi samjo mry bahan ya bhai

  1. how i can prepare for nust software eng test without studying my fsc course i means that do you have any idea of books in which the mcqs r given for nust entry test???????……


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