House Designs In Pakistan

House Designs In Pakistan

If you want to get different house designs in Pakistan for construction then this article is best for you. House construction is the most important part of our life and if you want to build a house with modern designs then before construction, the different type of research is more important as compared to the construction procedure. Everyone wants to build the house according to their mind satisfaction and we are sharing the best house designs which are suitable according to the climate. Also you can check these designs because these are suitable to your area and can provide you bigger look even in a conjusted area. If you can finalize house map design then after this step house construction will start and you cannot change on map design during construction because map design is built with each room or each covered area length and width so we are mention try to focus on your map design.

House Designs In Pakistan

House Designs In Pakistan

Normal Size House In Pakistan:

In Pakistan, Real Estate and Construction business are very popular that is the reason you can get hundreds of Construction Company’s name. In Pakistan normally 4 type of Plot or house sale purchase and construction is done by individuals or societies.

  • 5 Marla House
  • 7 Marla House
  • 10 Marla House
  • 1 Kanal House

5, 7, 10 Marla House and 1 Kanal house design is available on this page with each house covered area width and length so must see the different house designs in Pakistan ideas.

Urban and Rural Areas One Marla Size:

  • Urban Areas one Marla areas size is 225 sqft
  • Rural Areas one Marla areas size is 272 sqft

5 Marla House Designs in Pakistan:

A small family can afford a small house for residence so that is the reason 5 Marla House demand and construction ratio is always increasing day by day due to a limited budget. Here we want to mention in urban areas like Lahore 5 Marla house on well-known societies is available 65 Lac to 120 Lac yes it is also very expensive but economic areas you can purchase this 5 Marla house between 25 Lac to 35 Lac easily.

5 Marla House length and Width change according to society and Standard society size are available in below side for 5 Marla house or Plot:

Width 25 lengths 45

5 Marla House Design In Pakistan 0 5 Marla House Design In Pakistan

7 Marla House Designs In Pakistan:

1575 sqt is total 7 Marla size for Urban areas that is the reason normal size society those cannot afford 10 Marla House they are purchasing 7 Marla house. In Pakistan Urban Areas 7 Marla House Design will done with more effective way as compare to 5 Marla house because you can also get small garden in 7 Marla House. Pakistan House design map will more look perfect with 7 or 10 Marla house as compare to small house design like 3.5 or 5 Marla house.7 Marla Design In Pakistan 01

7 Marla Design In Pakistan 03

10 Marla House Designs In Pakistan:

Ten Marla house is best for normal size family because double story portion covered with 5 bedrooms easily and you can also enjoy small garden within 10 Marla house.  10 Marla House price in Urban Areas like Lahore is 120 Lac to 170 Lac in a different society and keep in mind we are not talking about DHA Lahore 10 Marla House price because of DHA 10 Marla House Price increase on 200 Lac normally.  10 Marla house with and length usually same of all Urban areas that are mention in below side;

35 Width and 60 Length ( length and width change by society plot size width and length cutting)

10 Marla House Design In Paksitan 02 10 Marla House Design In Paksitan10 Marla House Design In Paksitan

1 Kanal House Designs In Pakistan:

In Pakistan 1 Kanal House Design is very popular for big size family you can get 7 rooms in 1 Kanal house with perfect house design and interior or exterior. If you want to get big garden then yes you can build it because one Kanal House width is 50 and length is 90 according to Urban areas.

1 Kanal House Design In Pakistan 02 1 Kanal House Design In Pakistan

After House Designs In Pakistan if you want to see the different interior and exterior house design then stay in tune with this page. You can share your maps and CAD layouts with others in the following commenting sections.

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