Top 10 Popular News Channels In Pakistan 2023

According to the National TV rating service, we are now sharing the Top 10 Popular News Channels In Pakistan 2023. Though for some people, news listening is a somewhat boring activity if you will be updated on all the current affairs then these news channels will become favorites of yours. In Pakistan, there are different national and international TV channels that are working which are broadcasting the live coverage of news and events. Their owners have hired the top intellectual persons who are working 24/7 to keep their viewers and listeners up to date about what is going on in the country as well as in the world. In this post, the top 10 popular news channels in Pakistan 2023 will be discussed. They have been ranked on the basis that how much they are watched regularly by their viewers.

Top 10 Popular News Channels In Pakistan 2023

According to some TV channel rating websites, we are sharing the top 10 popular News Channels in Pakistan 2023. To check which is the most popular channel for news in Pakistan. On the below side, we are sharing the list of these TV channels.

Pakistan Top News Channel Rating List:

GTV Network City 41
Hum News City 42
Indus News DAWN News
KTN News Din News
Khyber News Dunya News
Lahore News Express-News
Metro1 News Geo News
Neo News GNN
News One City 41

Which Tv News Network Has The Highest Ratings:

ARY NEWS: This channel is on the list of the top 10 popular news channels in Pakistan 2023. It was founded in the year 2004. It is a part of the ARY Digital Network. Some of its other subchannels are ARY Digital which is the General Entertainment Channel, ARY Musik, ARY Qtv, and also ARY Zindagi. It is also viewed that this news channel has the highest position in our hearts.

This news channel maintains the highest rating due to quality work and quick action reports about any incident. Though this news channel has also been indulged in many of the controversies like that of Mubashar Luqman this channel has still a massive coverage line and viewership!



Which Is The Best News Channel In Pakistan:

GEO NEWS: There are many news channels that exist in Pakistan but among them, geo news is one of the most favorite as well. It is a Pakistani news channel. It is owned by Jang Group. It started its Test transmission on 14 August 2002 and its regular transmission was started in October 2002. This channel also faced illegal closure for many months but still, this channel has been ranked as one of the popular news channels.

It has other channels like GEO Entertainment and also GEO News, GEO Kahani, GEO Super, etc. We have seen that this news channel has so far the highest and massive coverage line and it has millions and trillions of numbers of fans. Despite the fact that this news channel has always and all the time in controversies but it is still at the 2nd position.


Dunya News:

It is a 24 hour Urdu Language news channel which is working Since December 2008. It also has sister channels including Lahore News and Dunya entertainment. It is standing at the 3rd position in 2023 in the list of top new channels in Pakistan.


It is a 24-hour state news channel. It also gives News in Arabic, Sindhi as well as in Pashto, Kashmiri, and in other regional languages. It is the Government News channel of Pakistan. PTV News is also named PTV World. its famous shows are Insight with Sidra Iqbal, Dateline Pakistan, and Tanazur as well as Saleem Safi Ke Sath, and also Good Morning Pakistan. It is seen that this news channel has been the favorite of old people. Though this channel is not that advanced and does not come up with that many entertainment channels is still the favorite of all of us


Is There Any English News Channel In Pakistan:

EXPRESS-NEWS: Express-News has also started the journey of a new English news channel so that they entertain their audience through this medium. It was launched on January 1, 2008. It launched the ‘Express 24/7’ channel on February 5, 2009. They have also launched their entertainment channel Express Entertainment on 1 January 2012. It is also one of the popular channels and most demanding news channels so far in Pakistan. It is in a few years that this news channel has almost grabbed the world and made us aware of all the issues and all the current affairs.



This channel has now become one of the biggest names in journalism so listed in the top 10 popular news channels in Pakistan 2023. SAMAA’s slogan “Sansani Nahi, Sirf Khabrein” was given on 25th of December 2007. This news channel is without a doubt one of the famous news channels. It is seen that its talk show by Nadeem Malik is getting famous day by day and it is widely seen all over the world.


Bol News:

Bon News is one of the top channels for news in Pakistan. This channel was founded in 2013 and works across Pakistan. It is being offered in various languages including local languages like Punjabi, Sindhi, etc. It is also the best news channel in Pakistan.


It was started on March 23, 2005. It is owned by the Business Recorder Group. This group also has another channel named Play Max which is an entertainment channel covering 60 countries. This channel is also one of the most demanding and most popular news channels. We have seen that its coverage line and its viewership has been increasing day by day.

Din News:

One of the well-known Pakistani Urdu news channels is Din News that been working since 2005. Its headquarter is located in Lahore Pakistan. It is run by the Din Media Group who is also publishing the Din newspaper on a daily basis. It covers almost all the news over Pakistan and provides time to time updates and alerts.

Top 10 Popular News Channels In Pakistan 2023 Din News

92 News HD

92 News HD or 92 News is among one of the top 10 popular news channels in Pakistan 2023. With the slogan of Ba Khabar, Ba Wasooq this Urdu Pakistani news channel is working since 6th February 2017 and now it has news reporters in more than 300 cities of Pakistan. The owners of 92 News channel if M/s Galaxy Broadcast (Pvt.) Ltd. It provides news of South Asia, the Middle East, America, UAE, Ireland, and India also. Within a very short period of time, this HD news channel has maintained its name in the best.

Top 10 Popular News Channels In Pakistan 2023 92 News HD

24 News HD

24 News HD was also launched in 2015 but due to fewer publicity complaints, it doesn’t gain well acclaim as compared to 92 News HD. But still, there are lots of fans and views of this channel due to its simple and easy-to-understand language of broadcasting the news in HD resolutions. It covers more than 300 cities of Pakistan and works with the slogan of Har Izhar, Qabil e Itbaar and Ba Khabar 24 Ghanta.

Top 10 Popular News Channels In Pakistan 2023 24 News HD

So, these are the top 10 popular news channels in Pakistan 2023. If you have not watched any one of them then start watching them now! It is time to stay updated with all the current affairs sections and you can do this by staying tuned and connected with these news channels.

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