Zong 4G Device Price And Packages 2022

Zong 4g device users can check the latest Zong 4G Device Price And Packages 2022. We are also telling you about how to recharge the Zong 4G device method. Zong is Pakistan’s very first company that brings 4G technology at the lowest rates. Now it has also designed its devices which a person can use to connect with more than one mobile, laptop, and other wife devices. It is offering the most reliable internet speed for your browsing, exploring, video calling, and playing as well as keeping you connected with your friends and family members. Furthermore, the Zong devices and their packages are different which are only designed keeping under the usage of a consumer. In the modern world, everyone wants to enjoy the fastest internet even if they are outside. Zong has reduced their problem by introducing Zong 4g device that you can carry with you. So, check out the details about the 4G Devices below.

Zong 4G Device Price And Packages 2022

Zong Mifi 4G device is offering different packages to its customers. A customer can activate 1 month, 3 months, or six months package according to his need. The package price of Zong LTE devices is also very reasonable.

Zong 4G Device Price And Packages 2022

Zong 4G Device Price in Pakistan 2022:

Zong is offering more than one Mifi device and Zong users can purchase any of these devices to use the 4G internet. So the prices of the Zong device are mentioned below.

  • Zong 4G Bolt (Huawei): Rs.3300
  • Zong 4G Bolt+ (Huawei): Rs.3600
  • Zong 4G Bolt+ (MF25): Rs.3600

Zong 4G Device Packages 2022:

On the below side, you can check Zong 4G device Packages 2022 details so select your favorite package and get the details of the package.

Monthly Package 2Rs. 2,000 60GB1 Month
Monthly Package 3Rs. 2,500 150 GB (Inc. 75GB 4:00 AM to 4:00 PM) 1 Month
Monthly Package 4Rs. 3,250 200 GB (Inc. 100GB 4:00 AM to 4:00 PM) 1 Month
3 Month PackageRs. 5,500 60GB/Month 3 Months
6 Month Packages Rs. 12,000 100 GB (Inc. 25GB 4am – 4pm)/ Month 6 Months
12 Months Packages Rs. 22,000 100 GB (Inc. 25GB 4am – 4pm)/ Month 12 Months
MBB Add Ons Rs. 450 5GB/Month As per Bundle
MBB Good Night Offer Rs. 230 1GB/Day from 01:00am to 09:00am 01:00am to 09:00am

Procedure to How To Recharge Zong 4G WiFi Device:

There are four procedures through which you can recharge your Zong 4G WiFi device:

  1. An easier and safer way to recharge Zong devices is to visit the nearest service center/franchise/retailer.
  2. The smarter way is to transfer the balance to your Zong MBB device by dialing *6767# from your Zong master number.

There are two ways that you can recharge your Zong 4G WiFi:

  • If The Package Is Ended Before The Expiry Date:

If the package is ended before the expiry date then there are two ways:

1. You can recharge Add-ons for the remaining days or 2- you can recharge the whole package again. For the whole package, you have to first deactivate the existing package and reactivate the required package from the list.

  • If Package Is Expired But Not Fully Consumed:

If the time is expired and you still have GBs in your account then the whole package will be renewed and no remaining GBs will be transferred to the new package. For this purpose, you have to deactivate the package and then reactivate the package again.

Also, Check Zong Internet Packages 2022

How to Check Zong 4G Device Package:

Those Zong customers who are looking for the procedure of How to check Zong 4G Device Package can follow the below procedure to check in detail. So follow the below instructions.

  • Take your MBB Sim out from the device
  • Insert it in any mobile phone
  • Dial *102#
  • Select Option 4 which is detail-free internet
  • Your Data will be shown
  • Now again insert this sim into your device

How To Check Zong 4G Device Remaining Data:

Follow these simple steps for how to check on 4g device remaining data or MBs.

  • Download My Zong App from Play Store
  • Open and Enter your Mobile Number or Sim Number to register through Pin
  • Now select usage details to check your remaining MBs

Zong 4G Device Helpline:

Those who are looking for the helpline number of the Zong 4G device can call on 310. This is the helpline number of Zong.

Zong 4G device password Change Procedure:

Those who want to change the password of the Zong 4G device can follow the steps.

  • First of all, connect the MBB device through Wifi to your laptop/mobile/PC.
  • If you find any delay, type in the URL.
  • Enter your username/password to log in.
  • You will see the password change option there.
  • You can change your password there.

So, these are all the details about Zong 4G Device Price And Packages 2022. All Zong users can check the detailed information about this Wifi Device of Zong. This will give you all the details about Zong MBB Device.




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