Warid Whatsapp Packages 2023

Warid is offering Warid Whatsapp Packages 2023 on the daily, weekly and monthly basis to its customers. Now prepaid users can activate any of the best Whatsapp packages of Warid network that are being offered at cheap rates. Warid is one of the five telecommunication companies working in Pakistan which was established in 2004. The company is the fifth largest services provider company which has recently merged with Mobilink Jazz. It has improved its services after merging with Mobilink company and started offering new packages to Warid customer which were formally being offered to Mobilink users. Now you can also enjoy free Whatsapp on your Warid sim by subscribing any SMS bundle and can also activate Whatsapp Packages if your usage is more than the free Whatsapp limit. In this article, you will learn about the Warid Whatsapp Packages in 2023. Also check, Warid Internet Packages 2023.

Warid Whatsapp Packages 2023 Daily, Weekly, Monthly Codes

Warid is one of the best LTE 4G internet speed providing the network in Pakistan. It is offering various internet packages to its customers including Warid Whatsapp Packages 2023 on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. So subscribe to any of these Whatsapp packages to enjoy free Whatsapp.

Warid Whatsapp Packages 2023 Daily, Weekly, Monthly Codes

Warid Whatsapp Package 2023 Daily :

Now Warid user can activate daily Whatsapp package 2023 by simply subscribing to daily SMS package because it is offering 10 MB internet for Whatsapp with this package. The Package detail is as follow.

Package Name Volume Charges Subscription Code  UnSUB code
Daily SMS and Whatsapp Package 10 MB internet for Whatsapp + 1800 SMS RS 6 *334# *334*4#

Warid Whatsapp Package 2023 Weekly:

Those who are looking for the best Warid Whatsapp Packages 2023 can subscribe to Warid Whatsapp Package Weekly. This package can be activated by just activating weekly SMS package because the Whatsapp is free with this weekly SMS Package.

Package Name Volume Charges Subscription Code UNSUB Code
Warid Weekly Bundle Once Off 25 MB Internet+ 1500 SMS RS 15 *101*1*07# *101*4*07#
Weekly Bundle Recursive  25 MB Internet+1500 SMS RS 15 *507# *507*4#

Warid Monthly Whatsapp Package 2023:

Warid user can also activate Warid Monthly Whatsapp Package 2023 to use free Whatsapp for 30 days. This package can also be activated by dialing the monthly SMS package of Warid and can enjoy 5000 MB internet for Whatsapp.

Package Name Volume  Charges Subscription Code  Unsub Code
Monthly Bundle 5000 MB for Whatsapp+ 12000 SMS RS 70 *101*1*02# *101*4*02#

Free Whatsapp Package 2023

So these are the Warid WhatsApp packages 2023, daily, weekly, monthly codes. You can simply activate to any of these packages to enjoy free MBs on Whatsapp. Asides this, ou can also activate to any of the Warid internet packages to enjoy Whatsapp.


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