Warid Call Packages 2019, Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Warid users can choose from Warid Call Packages 2019, Daily, Weekly, Monthly basis on cheapest rates. Warid has always been the first choice of every Pakistani. Although Jazz and Warid have joined hands together as a single network to provide better facilities to their customers. But still the fellowship of Warid is alive and users prefer to have a Warid bundle. Warid has introduced Jazz Warid Weekly, Monthly Call Packages to its customers. Through this page, we are sharing the subscription code, price, charges, and terms of conditions of each call package of Warid. Just read out this post to get complete information about the Call Packages of Warid on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Warid Call Packages 2019, Daily, Weekly, Monthly

After Jazz Warid merger, Warid users can enjoy Jazz Call packages on their Warid Sim. The call charges are same for Warid users on subscription of these Packages. Warid customer has the option to choose from a variety of Packages on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. So check Warid Call Packages 2019, Daily, Weekly, Monthly details.

Warid Call Packages 2018 Daily, Weekly, Monthly, 24 Hours Night

Warid Daily Call Packages 2019:

Warid is offering Warid Daily Call Packages 2019 to its customers. Warid customers can choose from different call packages on daily basis according to their need. The Daily Call Packages details are given on this website for the Warid users. So select your favorite call packages on daily basis.

Package Name Volume Activation Charges Validity Subscription Method
Warid Super Daily Offer 300 Jazz and Warid Minutes RS 14 1 day *212#
Warid Daily Bundle 200 Warid Minutes
10 Off-Net Minutes
30 MB Internet
RS 30 1 day *99*11#

Warid Weekly Call Packages 2019:

Warid users can also activate Warid Weekly Call Packages 2019. In weekly call packages, a person can activate call packages for 7 days and can dial unlimited calls. The packages details are given below so check it in details.

Package Name  Volume Price Validity  Subscription Method
Warid Haftawar Offer 1000 Jazz+ Warid Minutes
1000 SMS
100 MB
RS 85 7 Days *407#
Warid Weekly Super Duper 1500 Jazz+Warid Minutes
1500 MB Internet
1500 SMS
25 Off-Net Minutes
RS 170 7 Days *770#
Warid Weekly All Network offer 1000 Jazz+Warid Minutes
50 All Network Minutes
300 MB Internet
100 SMS
RS 130 7 days *700#

Warid Monthly Call Packages 2019:

Warid users can also activate Warid Monthly Call Packages 2019. This network is offering more than one monthly call packages to its customers so that those customers who are habitual of making unlimited calls can get benefit from these packages. Monthly Call packages details are given below.

Package Name Volume Package Price Validity Subscription Method
Warid Monthly Super Duper Plus 3000 Jazz and Warid Minutes
5000 MB
3000 SMS
200 Other Network Minutes
RS 799 30 Days *707#
Warid Monthly Super Duper Offer 1500 Jazz and Warid Minute
100 All Network Minutes
2000 Internet
1500 SMS
RS 499 30 days *706#

If you are also Warid users then you can subscribe to Warid Call Packages 2019, Daily, Weekly, Monthly packages. We have mentioned the activation codes and deactivation codes of these packages that you can use in order to activate or deactivate these daily, weekly and monthly call packages.

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