Punjab Traffic Police e Challan System launched

Here you can get great news the Punjab Traffic Police e Challan System launched as soon as possible. The I.G traffic police Punjab announced the new system will introduce and through this system strictly action for those people who violation the traffic rules. System named PDA device means Principal digital Assistant that system based in a digital device that have the Android application through this device collect the all data for those people who have the driving License Card in this system the traffic police have access to check the track record of the driver. If one person violet the traffic rule than that person all driving track record show in the device and the police officer check who many time they attempt violation.

I.G Traffic police Punjab also told first time in history the PDA system are introduce in Pakistan and in modern world when technology are improve day by day the traffic police used the modern technology and improve the traffic system through they also told through this system the officer traffic police capable to perfume duty with full of traffic police rules and regulation.

Here You Can Get Great News The Punjab Traffic Police E Challan System Launched As Soon As Possible. The I.g Traffic Police Punjab Announced The New System Will Introduce And Through This System Strictly Action For Those People Who Violation The Traffic Rules. System Named Pda Device Means Principal Digital Assistant That System Based In A Digital Device That Have The Android Application Through This Device Collect The All Data For Those People Who Have The Driving License Card In This System The Traffic Police Have Access To Check The Track Record Of The Driver. If One Person Violet The Traffic Rule Than That Person All Driving Track Record Show In The Device And The Police Officer Check Who Many Time They Attempt Violation. I.g Traffic Police Punjab Also Told First Time In History The Pda System Are Introduce In Pakistan And In Modern World When Technology Are Improve Day By Day The Traffic Police Used The Modern Technology And Improve The Traffic System Through They Also Told Through This System The Officer Traffic Police Capable To Perfume Duty With Full Of Traffic Police Rules And Regulation.  This Pda System Not A Mobile Phone But This Device Work Style Just Like A Mobile. The Traffic Police Officer Easily Carry This Device Without Any Problem And The Uses Of This Device Is Very Simple. In Pda Device A Sim Card Work And They Connect The Device With The Main Server. Police Officer Simply Get The License Number  Of That Person Who Violate The Rule Through The Device The Challan Record Show In The Device And The Police Officer Cut The Challan According The Violation Of Traffic Rules. The Sim Card Use By The One Pakistani Telecom Company.  One Briefing Will Conduct On This System For The Traffic Police Officer. If Person Break Same Traffic Rule In Many Time Than Traffic Police Make The Rule For Those Person The Rule Is Chancel The That Person Traffic License.

This PDA system not a mobile phone but this device work style just like a mobile. The traffic police officer easily carry this device without any problem and the uses of this device is very simple. In PDA device a sim card work and they connect the device with the main server. Police officer simply get the license number  of that person who violate the rule through the device the Challan record show in the device and the police officer cut the challan according the violation of traffic rules. The sim card use by the one Pakistani telecom company.  One briefing will conduct on this system for the traffic police officer. if person break same traffic rule in many time than traffic police make the rule for those person the rule is chancel the that person traffic license.

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