Zong Internet Packages 2020

Zong users can check Zong Internet Packages 2020 Daily, Weekly, Monthly in Pakistan. Today almost every Pakistani uses Mobile Internet and zong has facilitated its customers by providing different internet packages on daily, weekly and monthly basis. Zong is the first overseas company of China Mobile through the acquisition of a license from Millicon to operate a GSM network in Pakistan from the year of 2008 to the present. It is a Pan Pakistani mobile network operator, it’s headquarter is situated in Islamabad which offers voice and data services ranging from postpaid and prepaid plans, 2G, 3G, and 4G services. It is the first telecommunication company to introduce Zong 4G in Pakistan. So now check details about the Zong Internet Bundles 2020 in Pakistan.

Zong Internet Packages 2020 Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Zong is offering a large number of packages to its customers on the daily, weekly and monthly basis. Now you can choose from a wide range of Net packages by using this telecommunication company. The packages details of Zong is given in below paragraphs and you can simply check the detail of each package.

Zong Internet Packages Daily Weekly Monthly 2018 in Pakistan

Zong Daily Internet Packages 2020:

Zong is offering more than one Zong Daily Internet packages in Pakistan. All Zong users can activate any of these packages by using the procedure which is given in the below section in front of every Zong Internet PKGs. So check Internet Package on Daily basis if your network is Zong.

Package Name Volume Charges Validity Subscription Code 
Zong Daily Basic Internet Package100 MBRS 151 Day*6464#
Zong Daily Data Max Internet Package500 MBRS 35+Tax1 day*6464#
Zong Daily Day Time Offer1200 MBRS 164am to 7 pm*6464#
Zong Daily Good Night Offer2500 MBRS 151am to 9 am*6464#

Zong Weekly Internet Packages 2020:

Zong is also offering Zong Weekly Internet Packages in Pakistan to its customers. Like Zong Daily Packages, there are also more than one Zong Weekly Packages which is being offered to Zong customers by this company. So check the packages details by clicking on the below links.

Package Name VolumeChargesValiditySubscription Code
Zong Super Weekly Internet Package2.5 GBRS 1207 Days*6464#
Zong Super Weekly Plus Internet Package5 GBRS 1567 Days*6464#
Zong Super Weekly Max Internet Package10 GBRS 2007 Days*220#
Zong Super Weekly Plus7 GBRS 1607 Days*20#

Zong Monthly Internet Packages 2020:

Zong is not only offering Zong daily, and weekly net packages but also offering Zong Monthly Internet Packages . Now users can activate these internet packages on a monthly basis to enjoy the 4G internet.

Package Name VolumeChargesValiditySubscription Code
Zong Monthly Mini 150 Internet Package150 MBRS 5030 Days*6464#
Zong Monthly Basic 500 Internet Package500 MBRS 15030 Days*6464#
Zong Monthly Premium 3 GB Internet Package3 GBRS 30030 Days*6464#
Zong Monthly Premium 30GB Internet Package30 GBRS 74430 Days*6464#
Zong Data Share 3G/4G5 GBRS 50030 Days*6464#
Zong Monthly 12GB Package12 GBRS 75030 Days*6464#
Zong Data Share 3G/4G 10GB Package10 GBRS 90030 Days *6464*5#

Zong Internet Packages Activation Procedure:

By following this procedure, a person can activate Zong Internet Packages .

  • To Activate: Dial *6464# for activation menu
  • Status Check: Dial *102#If you have consumed your bundle you will be charged as Rs. The 1/MB Default rate on each MB is Rs. 18.0/-

Zong Internet Internet Package Deactivation Method:

The customers can check the following procedure in order to deactivate Internet Packages 2020.

  • Type SMS “Unsub
  • Send this SMS on 909

How to Check Zong Remaining MBs

Dial : *102#

If you want to get information about 4G internet remaining bucket details then just dial *102#Those who have subscribed to any internet package and using Zong 4g internet can check their remaining MBs by just simply dialing this code. This will help you to keep in mind that how much MBs you have left in your package and how many days you can use these MBS. So that you can resubscribe to Zong 4G internet bundles by not losing your balance. Follow these simple Steps to check remaining MBs in Zong.

Customers can subscribe to Zong Internet Bundles on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. We have also provided you with the procedure for how to activate and deactivate Internet Packages of Zong  in Pakistan complete details if you have any query or any any package you can’t understand then you feel free to contact us.

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