Youth Problems and Role of Youth In Pakistan Essay

Do you want to know what are the major youth problems and roles of youth in Pakistan? Well we all know that as the time has been passing away and as the country has been making progress the problems of youth is becoming even more and more. Youth is mainly defined as the biological age but rather a mindset. It is a fact that Pakistan is young country as almost half of the population falls under the age of twenty (56.5%). At the same there is no doubt about the fact that in such a young country the young people are growing just without opportunities.

Immoral Activities of Youth:

Youth is facing all the problems that is taking place in the country. We all know that youth is being found in the middle of the centre of socio-economic and socio-political changes that is taking place in Pakistan. Our youth is quite a lot energetic but these energies are not being utilized in the right way. Rash motor biking, having sheesha, late night café and clubs are few of the main factors that are spoiling the youth and so as the coming generation.

Youth Problems and Role of Youth In Pakistan Essay

Separation of Parents:

Another biggest reason that is spoiling the youth is the separation of parents. This is another factor that is found to be common these days. Some of the people are not aware from the fact that sometimes family issues are one of the main reasons that can disturbs the youth on high level. Our society is becoming so ego-centric and materialistic these days. These two main features are showing bad effect on the youth. Its best solution is that all the children should be taught in high school all about the healthy relationships, parenting, and responsible living.

Financial Problems:

Another basic reason is the finanial issues! Even after taking the higher education some of the students and youth are not able to get the better jobs to make their career. We all know that jobs are only accessible in Pakistan on the basis of the reference. No one give away the jobs on the basis of the qualification in private and public or government based companies.

Well there are many more reasons that are affecting the current youth of Pakistan? You should be finding its solution instantly before these problems eats away the youth generation.


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