Top 5 Android Apps By Pakistani Developers On Google Play Store

Today we are selected very interesting topic for Pakistani people so get details about Top 5 Android Apps by Pakistani Developers on Google Play Store. This is a reality last few years back in Pakistan internet users ratio is very less as compare to current situation so this is happy news for Pakistani people our country is going to modern technology. In Pakistan after telecom technology boom IT sector is going to boom level that is the reason webhosting and mobile apps developer jobs is available for IT sector people this thing is describe how much IT sector is growing in Pakistan. In Europe and America Apps development business is very popular business and now in Pakistan this business is growing well. if you want to get companies name that is devolved Apps for mobile then yes after this paragraph you can get details about Apps development companies with their popular Apps name and details.

Top 5 Android Apps By Pakistani Developers On Google Play Store

Top 5 Android Apps By Pakistani Developers On Google Play Store

Top 5 Android Apps Name Made By Pakistani Developers On Google Play Store:

  • Tiny Birds Run
  • Angry Imran
  • Whacksy Taxi
  • Hazrdous Highway
  • Mala Farm

Angry Bird:

We like to share Tiny Bird Run is popular mobile App that is made by Apps development private company. If you like Angry bird game that is very popular in game lover then you can like this game so must try it.

Angry imran:

One App that is made by Paksitani company name is angry imran this game is very popular in Pakistan that is developed by BrainFreeze Company. This game is brilliant example for those people who are belonging to this field.

Whacksy Taxi:

This texi game app is made by Mindstorm Studios and now these days this company is working on Android Company. In this game background music is available with different tracks.

Hazardous Highway:

This App is also made by Pakistani Apps Development Company that named Just enjoy this game that is based on racing moto theme.

Mafia Farm:

This App game is developed by Mindstorm Studios that is popular company in Pakistan. Through this App game you can enjoy farming, different fighting and real estate business life.

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