Imran Khan Election Manifesto 2022

Imran Khan addresses 11 points on 29th April 2022 as Election Manifestos for coming elections 2022. Elections manifesto is the published verbal declaration of view of the issuer, motive or intentions of a person or a political party. It is considered as the public opinion to promote a new idea for carrying out change. PTI Election Manifesto 2022 has addressed by the Chairman of PTI in Lahore. Imran Khan Election Manifesto 2022 comprises upon 11 points for new Pakistan where justice would be the prime right of everyone, the single educational syllabus will be for rich and poor, the healthcare system will be improved, national investment will be increased and where tourism will be promoted. In Imran Khan 11 point Agenda in Lahore 2022, he also talked about the poor farmers and promised to work for the farmers so that they will get fair wages. In this article, you will learn about Imran Khan Election Manifesto.

Imran Khan Election Manifesto 2022 PTI Manifesto

Imran Khan Election Manifesto 2022 PTI Manifesto

1: Education:

Education is the prime motive of PTI. The party believes in the uniform educational syllabus which is both for poor and rich. There will not discriminate in the educational system, said by the chairman of PTI Imran Khan.

2: Healthcare:

The second point of Imran Khan Election manifesto 2022 is healthcare. The Chairman of PTI said he will build world’s best hospitals in Pakistan to fulfill the basic healthcare needs of nations. He also elaborated that if he can build SKMCH hospital without having in power, so what would he do when he will come in power.

3: Tax Reform:

In Pakistan mostly businessmen and landlord do not pay taxes due to poor taxation department. Tax reform is the third point in PTI Manifesto 2022, in which Imran Khan said that he will strengthen the FBR to collect taxes.

4: Corruption:

Corruption would be eliminated from Pakistan if we want prosperity. Every matter should be done on merit and corrupt people should be eliminated from the system. He also said that he is not corrupt and doesn’t like corruption at all.

5: Investment:

PTI Election Manifesto 2022 5th point is the investment. According to the Chairman of PTI, Industries will be strengthened in Pakistan so foreign investors could be attracted. He said he will increase foreign investment in Pakistan by ends and means.

6: Employment:

He also said that he will provide jobs to the unemployed persons in Pakistan. He will provide the better career opportunities to youngsters. In this point, Imran Khan said, he will build more than 50 lac houses for the poor. Shelter is one of the basic need of human and in this point he is talking about providing own houses to poor.

6a: Tourism:

Tourism is great source of foreign investment in Pakistan. Pakistan should welcome tourists because they are the great source of income. Tourism is also one of the 11 points of Imran Khan Manifesto 2022.

7: Agriculture:

Agriculture is also core motive of PTI. In PTI Election Manifesto 2022, Chairman of PTI said that he will strengthen the agriculture field so at least fair wages should be paid to the labors who work hard in the field from dawn to dusk to produce corps.

8: Strengthen the Federation:

Provinces will be empowered in PTI’s tenure. He will not only promote federation but also takes some serious steps like he will announce southern province on the administrative basis and will merge Tribal areas with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

9: Environment:

Imran Khan Said, the environment was their election manifesto priority in previous government in KPK, as they planted 10million trees. He said Lahore has become the most polluted city of Pakistan which is very regretful.

10: Justice:

PTI Chairman stressed upon justice and judiciary system. He said that he will make Punjab police as he made KPK police. He will make the judiciary system like KPK because there is not a single case proceed more than one year in KPK.

11: Women Empowerment:

In this point of Imran Khan Election manifesto 2022, he said that he will educate the women and will protect the inheritance rights of them.

These are the PTI Election Manifesto 2022 addressed by the Chairman of PTI Imran Khan. Imran Khan Election Manifesto 2022 is clear and based on the basic rights of the public.


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