Election Commission Of Pakistan Voter List 2022

Election Commission of Pakistan is an independent constitutional body which is responsible for the conduction of the election for the state parliament, local government, provincial legislatures and election for the presidential seat in Pakistan. Elections 2022 are going to conduct soon and Election commission of Pakistan has revealed un-official voter lists for the general elections of 2022. According to this unofficial list, there are 104 million voters with the addition of 8.1 million new voters who has recently registered. This autonomous body has updated its message service to update voter lists by simply sending CNIC number on the code to get registered. Moreover, it also allows people to cancel the registration, change registration and correct their already submitted details. Previously, this department had registered new voter through the door to door campaign too. The final list will be revealed for the voters till 30th April 2022. In this article, you will learn about the Election Commission of Pakistan Voter List 2022.

Election Commission Of Pakistan Voter List 2022

Election Commission Of Pakistan Voter List 2022

How to check Voter Registration?

A person who wants to check where their vote is registered now can check through SMS service which is initiated by the Election Commission of Pakistan. In order to check registration place, a person has to send CNIC number to 8300.

Last Date to Change Voter Registration Place:

Last Date to change voter registration place is 24th April 2022.

How to change Voter Registration:

A person who wants to change voter registration can now change voter registration place by getting the form which is available both in Urdu and English at District Election Commissioner or at the display center or Union Council. Voters can review their detail and can get corrected by 24th April 2022.

Election Commission of Pakistan voter list 2022 for general elections will be displayed on 30th April 2022. This is the pre-mature voting list or unofficial voting list updated by the Election Commission of Pakistan. Those who have changed their address can change their voting place as well but they first have to change their address on the CNIC in order to change their voting place to their current address.

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