Ab Sirf Imran Khan PTI Official Anthem For Election 2023

The official soundtrack of PTI Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf has released now. This song is named as Ab Sift Imran Khan. This PTI official anthem for election 2023 is sung by Karachi belonging young singer Farhan Saeed. While famous music director Murtaza Marrai has directed the lyrics and music. There are only soft guitar strums as background music is being played which create a harmony along with words to deliver the real meaning behind words. Mr. Marrai said about his writing, “this is not just a song containing the words, but it is actually the motive behind this political party (PTI)”. The lyrics are exactly as per their slogan “Naya Pakistan” and we are hoping that I will create a positive wave to its listeners and bring the public under one flag as one nation.

Ab Sirf Imran Khan PTI Official Anthem For Election 2023

Ab Sirf Imran Khan PTI Official Anthem For Election 2023

  • Song Title: Ab Sirf Imran Khan
  • Singer: Farhan Saeed
  • Video Director: Murtaza Marri
  • Editor: Murtaza Marri
  • D.O.P: Nauman Gee
  • Archive Footage: PTI SMT Lahore

Farhan Saeed has thanked the management authority of PTI and especially to the Chairman of Pak Tahrik-e-Insaf Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi. Recently during the social talk on Twitter, Farhan wrote “I am thankful to Imran Khan and PTI for showing their trust and interest to launch me as the singer of PTI official anthem for election 2023 “Ab Sirf Imran Khan”. Further, he added, this song was sung as the purpose of the campaign and I am hoping that the campaign will result in favor and we will soon see Imran Khan as New Prime Minister of Pakistan during general elections 2023.

Ab Sirf Imran Khan PTI Official Soundtrack By Farhan Saeed

General election 2023 are going to take place on Wednesday 25th July 2023. As we have seen that the x-prime minister of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has punished and gone into the jail for ten years. Now the PMLN (Noon) is looking to be demolished for governing the next government. While on the other side, the chairman of PTI Imran Khan looks to be very confident to become the next prime minister of Pakistan. Well, it all depends upon the voting which will be held on the Election Day.

For this time we are giving tribute to PTI’s title song Ab Sirf Imran Khan. You can find this song on Youtube by the copying this line PTI Official Anthem for election 2023. You may also hear this song on the campaign rally, Jalsa, and the movements. Do you enjoy this song? Update us with your comments…

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