The Latest Ways To Cheat In Exams

The Latest Ways To Cheat In Exams. Cheating in the exams has always been an art which requires courage and daring attitude because it is not that much easy to as it is to say that we have cheated the exams. Today students have created and invented so many ways through which they can cheat in the exams that the administration is just helpless to stop it or to avoid the students from cheating the exams.

The Latest Ways To Cheat In ExamsAlthough it considered to be unethical and even unlawful to cheat in the exams and once caught the student might be penalized but still the students do not have  any fear from this activity and this behavior can be judged through the invention of new and ever new ideas to cheat. Here are few of the latest ways of cheating in the exams;

  • The traditional way of cheating was to carry the helping materials with them as they can carry them in the pockets or even in the belts but this trend has been changed because of the regular physical checking of the students to avoid any helping material to get entered in to the examination hall. Now the students are brave enough and clever enough to carry these helping materials either in the undergarments because these cannot be checked.
  • The other very new way of cheating is to write down the helping content on the thighs or even on the upper arm which is not visible to the examiner and once you are allowed to go to the washroom than the student might read and take help from all that material and after returning back to the examination hall he or she can note that content on the exam paper.
  • A very modern way of cheating is by using the modern and advanced technology which is the mobile phone and its accessories which includes the ear phones. Although the mobile phones are not allowed in the examination hall but the students do carry them either in their socks or in their pockets and later put them in their shirts. Through this they can make the call to any of their friend and ask them to help him in attempting the paper. This is a very hazardous and very risky style of cheating but if you are unable to hide yourself this cheating method can help you attempt the 100 % of your paper correctly without any errors and mistakes.


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