Relationship Between Teacher and Student

Relationship Between Teacher and Student could be ever lasting according to below given details. One of the most pious and long lasting relationship in the society is the relationship between the teacher and the student, which is being respected and is being given the weight age over all the other worldly relationships around the globe. The teacher and the students have such healthy and long lasting relationship because they spend a lot of time together and know each other very well.

Relationship Between Teacher and StudentIf we consider that how much time the student spends with the teacher it is not wrong to say that the half of the life of the student is being spent with the teacher because the student normally stays half of a day on regular terms with the teacher. There are so many relationships which are being observed in between the teacher and the student amongst which few significant relationships are being described below:


Teacher and the student do also have the relationship of friendship in between them because they become familiar to each other and at the same time the level of frankness between the teacher and the student so that they can share all the sorrows and happiness of each other, so that is the friendship.


The teacher is basically the tutor of the student and that is because he teaches the subjects and at the same time help the student in getting the concepts and in making the appropriate preparation for the exams, so the relationship of tutoring is also being observed in between the teacher and the student.


When the teacher and the students spends so much time together and they understand each other properly this inculcates trust in between the relationship amongst the students and the teacher, so both of them feel very much comfortable in telling each other their secrets because they do have a high level of trust in between them and this trust remains the powerful aspect of this relationship.

Sense of Responsibility:

There is a sense of responsibility in between the relationship of a teacher and the student, and this is not one sided but is being considered equally on both the sides. The teacher in this regard has the sense of responsibility that he will make sure that he is successful in making the learning of the student and at the same time the student also do have the sense of responsibility as he thinks that he has to make his teacher proud by achieving the tasks and fulfilling all the requirements and the liabilities.


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