Pakistani Students are Reluctant to Speak English

Pakistani Students are Reluctant to Speak English and lets see how it happens. One of the very crucial problems which are being faced by the students of Pakistan is their communication in English language. This problem is not just limited to few selected students or educational institutions but this problem has been incurred to the majority of the students in Pakistan. There are several reasons which have played their part in the occurrence of this problem, amongst which the few major reasons are stated below:

Pakistani Students are Reluctant to Speak English

  • The very core reason for this problem is that English is not the mother language of Pakistan and even it is not being considered as the regional language like Punjabi and Sindhi. That is one big reason for which the students are not familiar to this language which makes them reluctant and hesitant while speaking or even writing the English language.
  • Majority of the educational institutions in Pakistan are Urdu medium and most importantly the primary education is being in Urdu which sets the base of students in Urdu which makes it difficult for them to get over this language in their upcoming life and that makes this problem of handling this language more difficult for the students.
  • Due to no familiarity with this language the students of Pakistan are less confident and motivated to speak in English and to make this language a part of their communication and this low confidence and low moral make it further difficult for them to speak or write in English and that is considered as one crucial reason for which the students of Pakistan are more reluctant in utilizing English language in their communication.
  • The teachers and the instructors even don’t encourage their students to speak in English or to use this language more frequently, this is because they devotes their focus and their importance to the mother language of the country which Urdu, so if the student will not be encouraged and motivated to speak this language they will remain away from it and will surely feel uncomfortable while dealing this language which is known as the official language of the world.
  • The one who is willing to speak in English in Pakistan faces several barriers, this is the part of the culture and the society of the country in which the one who speaks in English is being demotivated and even insulted which further makes the condition worse and difficult for the students and that is again one reason which contributes in the reluctance and hesitation of the students while dealing with English language.


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