How SMS Night Packages Damaging Young Generation Of Pakistan

Here is the awareness page for Young People that How SMS Night Packages damaging Young Generation of Pakistan? Pakistan is a country where still more than 45% children are not going to school due to various reasons but the unfortunate part is that a survey has reported that almost 73% of the total population of the children do have personal cell phones with them. This is the curse which is on the children of 21st century that they are more indulged in cell phone rather than their books and studies. It is not just the case with the children which are not going to school but the children who are school going also have the same habit of wasting maximum time of their daily routine using cell phones.

How Sms Night Packages Damaging Young Generation Of PakistanMainly the usage of cell phones is increased dramatically in the night and the main reason for this behavior is the mouth watering deals and packages of the network providers and various communication agencies. As the students are unable to afford high amount of balances and credit usage so they are attracted to such deals which are mainly for the later part of the night and that is why the students are very much keen not to waste their life in sleeping and consuming the night getting indulged with the cell phones and communicating with friends of all kinds.

The night packages of SMS as well as calls is ruining the young generation of the country as they are getting less productive and are wasting more of their time, there are so many ways in which such packages are damaging the youth which are stated below:

  • Night is made to sleep so that the coming day should be fresh and healthy but the youth of Pakistan is keener to waste the peace and sleep of night for useless activities like using cell phones and remaining busy in calls and texting. This just not waste that particular night but causes fatigue because once the student will not have the proper sleep he will remain tired both mentally and physically which will not let them concentrate properly in their other obligations like studying or doing any job.
  • Boys and girls getting more familiar than normal is also an alarming sign as mainly in night it is the boys and girls which get in to conversation which has no limit both ethically and difference between the two opposite genders. This has disturbed the society environment in Pakistan as the respect and dignity for the two sexes is being diminished from the society which has indulged the youth in unethical relationships, dating and physical relationship. This all starts from the conversation which takes place in night due to the late night SMS and calls packages.

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    SMS Night packages are one of the best tools that is used to detract and keep new generation away from the right path, creative thinking and productive engagement in their learning and development. To destroy a nation, you do not need to engage in fighting, and weapons but need your brain to use how to engage new generation with age specific attractive activities keeping them away from the right direction.

    if you want to build a prosperous nation invest in new generation to make them powerful through providing quality education and healthy environment. you need to take care of all kinds of their development, their engagement, their activities and the way they spend their time in their daily lives in a productive manner. on the other hand If you want to spoil and destroy a nation do not need power of fighting, wealth of weapons and other kind of destructive materials just spoil the minds of young generation with activities like SMS Night packages and engage them in unhealthy activities of many social evils. you will get the results of this war within short time or in few decades and you will see a defeated nation by its own.

    Therefore, SMS Night schemes are very effective tools of the dirty game of the war to destroy nations by engaging in time killing, unethical communication with strangers and then to make them friends leading to spoil their lives in a shorter of longer span of time without assessing its severity and impacts on their own lives and lives of their families. ultimately such individuals with unhealthy minds will play their role to destroy their own nation with the help of such kind of soft war fighters (SMS Night package companies). I think as a responsible citizen and mature nation we must reflect on such kind of things and should take action to keep these soft war fighter away to engage young generation in such kind of things to avoid taking sweet poison.

    Assistant professor Educational Development, KIU


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