Education,The Only Way Of Social Change

Education has been the main constituent from bringing the social mobility and change in any society as without educated civilians one cannot get the proper civilizations which is the basic need of the mankind so an educated society has always brought the social change which enables a better life. Let us have an over view that how education contributes in bringing social change.

Education,The Only Way Of Social Change

Education,The Only Way Of Social Change

 But before let us have a real time example of this stance, before Islam the people of Arab use to bury their daughters alive because they wanted a daughter, as this was the height if illiteracy but when Islam introduced itself in Arab, everyone in the world have noted that Islam has given women the highest respect and dignity, which has brought one of the biggest social change in the history of mankind and civilization of human beings.

When the education is being properly imparted amongst the people of nay nation than they emphasize on combined cooperation and the growth and the advancement of the community and environment instead of their personal advancement and growth, in short they give preference on mutual benefits and interest over their personal interest which not just develops the individuals but at the same time grow the entire community and society.

Education is the main constituent which can give the right vision to the youth of any nation, as youth is considered to be the backbone of any nation and once they are put on the right track than they can overcome every obstacle and hindrance which comes in the way of growth and prosperity.

This is the biggest social change which can play the vital role in the development and growth of the society when their youth comes on the front end as leaders. Education just not inculcate and sow the seeds of social values in the people but at the same time also brings and develops the positive attitude which becomes the driving force to lead a better and advance life.

Education is considered to be the best learning one can have in any dilemma, and if the aim is to bring the social change without any violence and war than this can be the best and the most appropriate source which can drive the nation and the society to the common goal and objectives. Education increases and develops the spirit of teamwork, as people become more comfortable in working in groups rather than individual performances, starts feeling concerned and responsible for the neighborhood which is a very important component of society and inculcates the elegance and quality amongst all the people.

 These all factors are being initiated by the proper inculcation of education and once they are properly adopted and implemented than the end result is the social change for which the entire efforts are being done, as the foundations of social change are being laid by education. It must also facilitate the development of a spirit of teamwork, neighborhood and quality among all our peoples.


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