Education Is An Ideological State Apparatus

Ideological State Apparatus is a concept which is being derived by the Marxist theorist Louis Althusser in which he has identified and highlighted those institutions and those organizations in the country which are formally outside and beyond the control of the state but at the same they plays a very vital role in inculcating the values and way of living in the people of the state. According to the research there are various institutions which can be considered as the ideological state apparatus which includes Church (religious and holy places), but in the recent time the most important and most crucial ideological state apparatus is education.

Churches have been replaced by the education as the ideological state apparatus because in the recent time education has become the most vital component which is contributing in the society to invest and to transfer the required values and norms. Educated society is free from unethical activities and that is one major reason for which the crime rate and the criminal ratio of those areas where education is being prevailed is negligible as compared to in those areas and countries where education is being underrated. So for the purpose of creating a very peaceful and organized society the major needful thing is education and that is why it is being considered as the ideological state apparatus.

Education Is An Ideological State ApparatusThere are so many other respective intuitions in the society of human beings which are denoted as the ideological state apparatus which includes the religion, law, media, family and trade unions which are liable to transform ethical considerations and values in the society but still the core concept lies in education and that is why it is being considered as the modernized ideological state apparatus. The main reason behind the preference which is given to the education because these all above mentioned institution are also abide to the education and will not be able to perform the desired activities and to transform the values amongst the people until or unless these institutions are being aligned with education.

The crucial reason for education to be the ideological state apparatus is that it creates awareness amongst the people as it is the main source which provides maturity of the human mind and once it becomes educated and mature than it will be able differentiate between the good and the bad and the lawful and the unlawful. So it is true that educated societies are far more civilized and full of norms and values as compared to uneducated societies and that’s why education is considered as the Ideological State Apparatus.

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