Democracy Versus Dictatorship In Pakistan;Students Debate Corner

So this is an Debate place of Students and you can discuss about Democracy Versus Dictatorship In Pakistan. There are so many debates made in and outside Pakistan that whether it should be the democratic government or autocratic governance is Pakistan. People do share their views and the pros and cons of each of the governance styles but generally most people prefer to have the democratic government in Pakistan. Both the styles have their own positive and negatives but the ideal situation is when the country does have the democratic government in which the power is given to the people to opt and elect their leaders and state representatives.

Democracy Versus Dictatorship In Pakistan

The history of Pakistan has been shuffling between the dictatorship and democracy as both the styles are being observed and witnessed by the people of the state and have a better view and comparative statistics which can make the debate more stronger that whether there should be a democratic government or the dictatorship government in Pakistan.

This is quite strange to say that democracy does not suits the nature of the people of Pakistan and they are unable to make up their mark and at the same time are unable to run successfully when they are given the leadership in democratic style. There are so many democratic governments which have been established in Pakistan after the independence but none of them has proved to be very much productive and favorable for the nation other than the government of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.

Other than him none of the democratic leader was able to take Pakistan to the height of success and glory. Dictatorship is not the desired style of leadership but one can say this and even the history will act as the proof that dictators have played the vital role in the development of the nation and the success of the country.

Let’s not go far behind in the history of Pakistan we have a democratic government which started from 2008 and ended in 2013 recently where the president of Pakistan was Mr. Asif Ali Zardari. During these 5 years of democratic government the country and the people went through numerous problems which were deadly and dangerous for the nation which includes high inflation, poverty, terrorism, energy crisis and unemployment, there were other problem but these were those which broke the backbone of the national economy.

Let us now compare these five years from the government of Mr. Rtd. General Pervez Musharaf. These were the years when Pakistan was getting the record development as the nation as well as dealing with other national and international crisis. Stability in the economy and the control of law and order situation in the state was putting Pakistan on the road of success. The ten years government of Musharaf from 1998 till 2008 is being considered to be the golden years in the history of Pakistan so far.


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