The Teacher That Has Influenced Me Most Essay

Every student has one or two such teachers in their lives which have influenced them in one way or another. Such teachers have the highest rate in their lives and the students do respect and pay homage to such teachers all their lives. I also had a teacher to whom I respect a lot and that has influenced me. I was in my schooling age where my English teacher was Miss Alveena; she was a married woman but very kind and sweet especially to their children.

The most adoring aspect of her teaching was that she never ignored her weak students but instead of ignoring she used to give them extra time and extra attention so that they can be brought back on the track. We were in O-Levels and Miss Alveena was my teacher, I was very weak in English and when we talk about the English of O-Levels it is even harder to get through. I was very worried regarding my grades in English and I was not aware that my teacher was even more worried as compared to me for my results.

One day she called me in her office and calmly asked me my problems. Usually the teachers enquire the children in such a tone and manner that it confuses the students and in all such chaos they don’t tell their problems to the teacher, but the way she asked me I was so relaxed and I told her all my problems and the things in which I was having problems and was weak. When I told her all my queries she asked me to stay after the school for 2 hours daily so that we can get the correction of my errors and I can improve and rectify my mistakes. She was having 2 kinds and both for small so it was hard for her to stay late in the school but neglecting her children for the sake of my preparation she used to stay at school for almost 2 to 3 hours daily.

Her devotion and sincere efforts were not hidden as I realized that she was really worried not only for me but for other children of the class which were also weak in English as I was. And she asked those children to stay with me and to work for the improvement of the course. She didn’t ask for any extra payment or charges although she could have asked because it is not her obligation and responsibility to give such overtime to the students but her efforts were praised by every student.

When I gave my exam and came out of the examination hall I was surprised to see Miss. Alveena waiting for me as she told me that she has just came to know my exam went.  Her efforts were not in vein as I got an A in my English exam and she was the first one to whom I called and informed regarding my result and their no was no doubt that she was even more glad than me for my result. Since then I used to consult for all my problems and asks for her guidance and advice in all aspects of my life.

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