The Role Of College Libraries Essay

Libraries are considered to be the most crucial and important constituent of a college and has a lot of responsibilities for the grooming of the children. Library is the best possible source which is available to the children to acquire knowledge and to get the awareness regarding their respective subject and query. The role of college libraries is immense and should be understood properly.

The role of the college library is not to keep thousands of books in the shelves and decorate the entire hall with luxury chairs and table and still they are unable to attain the attention of the children than all these efforts are in vein because they have brought no benefit to the children but at the same time has increased the burden of expense on the administration of the college.

The most important role of the college libraries is to attract the children to get in to the hall and to get used to of getting through the books which are available there. This can be done by inculcating the awareness amongst the children regarding the benefits of the library and how it can be beneficial for the children; because until or unless the college students will not be given the proper awareness they will never be able to realize the significance of the libraries and will continue to waste their time by sitting in the café instead of being in the library of their respective college.

It is very important for the administration of the college that they should be well aware regarding all the disciplines which are being taught in their college because they should make one thing sure that they should have all the helping and assisting material regarding these disciplines specially because it is the mental psychology of the children especially the children of colleges that they do direct themselves to the college library once and if their need is not being fulfilled due to any reason it will be hard to get such children’s confidence back in to the libraries as from then  they will tend to run away from it instead of getting used to to it.

So the college libraries should understand their proper role and should follow it that way and should contribute their bit in the development, grooming and educating the children of the colleges and once they are able to do this they should consider that they have fulfilled their responsibility and had played there role in the development of the society.


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