The Progress Of Mankind Essay

The evolution of mankind has been the most developing feature of this world, as we being human beings have always been on the road of progress in all the sections of the life, history stating that the human beings were apes, many of the contradictions on this theory do exists but let us suppose if that would have been true than this means that the progress of the mankind has made its way from an animal to the human beings, but let us stop and think for some while that whether this progress is repeating itself, whether we are shifting back to the animal, the mankind is in a continuous progress but the progress is getting more and more self centered and restricted towards our own soul and body, that has contributed in claiming that human beings are the social animals.

The Progress Of Mankind

The Progress Of Mankind EssayNo doubt our progress has touched the skies if we consider in the areas of education, technology, communication, transportation and many more, but do we have any progress in fact any positive progress in building relationships, feeling for each others, respecting the dignity of others or even protecting the lives, property and self esteem of the fellow human beings, unfortunately, mankind in these specific sections have demoted themselves and have made the situation even worse than  our forefathers and the history of mankind.

The progress of mankind in making the life more easier and comfortable is appreciated as they have evolved to such a generation where everything is possible and this all is being simply due to the progress of mankind, but still in the world we are observing and witnessing that whether this progress is doing any good to the mankind, or it is creating more and more troubles for the unity and the solidarity of the human beings.

United States of America being the most developed country in the world, which has a stable economy and is considered to be the super power which have contributed the most in the progress of mankind, but their actions outside America are producing this hypothesis that they are not making the progress for the mankind but they are working against the progress of mankind and the real time examples are their wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and in Syria. What they are doing, is simply against the interest of the mankind so that is very cruel and bitter fact but can be assumed and evaluated very instantly is that the progress of mankind is making human beings more and more selfish and brutal which is simply against the interest of the mankind, as the people of this world even don’t have common interests left anymore.

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