The Face As An Index Of Character Essay

Are your ready for your exams if you are Face is considered to be a very significant part of the human body not just because it has sensing organs but at the same time it is equally important in the fact that the face is as an index of character. People can be identified by their face and their facial expressions, that is not the case with everyone as some people do have facial control through which they do not express what is inside them and that is one reason such people do have very unnoticed and hidden personality. People do have the perception that faces can be the mirror in which the character and the personality of an individual can be judged. There are so many arguments done in this regard as few of the people have opposed this argument while few of them have supported it, but on a whole majority of the people do believe in this fact that faces are the index of the character in humans.

There are so many researches and studies conducted to inquire and unveil this fact and the results are in its favor as it is being concluded that few people do have the power and control through which they are able to hide what is in their mind and inside them, such people are considered to be the introvert personality which has the capability to hide things appropriately which can be noticed by others through face, while on the other hand majority of the people are having this trait in them in which they are unable to hide things, which might include expressions, intentions, emotions and character, and is such people face becomes an index of character.

Another very interesting fact has been concluded through this is that the one who is able to hide its character and intentions from his/her face is not considered to be reliable and trustworthy as such people can be unpredictable at the same time the one who is unable to hide the inner of him/her from her face is considered to be trust worthy and reliable. Researchers have shown that people do like those people to accompany them which are crystal clear and which do not carries dual personalities inside them as they are not different from front and absolutely different from inside. Even the researches have shown that the people whose faces are not the index of their character and personality do also carry Hippocratic nature inside them.

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