If I Were The Principle Of My College Essay

Principle of the college is considered to be the real person in charge of the institute and he is the one who has the power and the legitimate authority of making the decisions for the respective college. If I would have been the principle of my college I would have taken some very crucial and needed decisions for the betterment of the institute as well as the children of the college. The very initial step which I would have taken as the principle of the college is to establish a transparent system of management in the college which should be fair and lawful for every candidate irrespective of their financial strengths and family backgrounds.

This is because in the present era children are being judged on the basis of the financial strength rather than their capability and intelligence. And this is the reason for which the deserving candidates are being left out and the non-deserving candidates are being given the admission in the institute. I will surely eliminate this monetary influenced culture from the college and will strengthen the merit based system.

Discipline is considered to be the point of concern for the modern colleges as disciplinary issues have disturbed the environment of the college. I being the principle of college will never tolerate any disciplinary violence and any child who is found guilty in this prospect will be punished and will be brought to justice with in no time no matter who strong the background of that children is because the rules and regulations of my college will be the same for everyone no matter who they are but once they are in the college they are just students and all the students will be equal in my considerations.

Co-education is not that much popular in the country nowadays specially in the college life. If I will be the principle of the college I will surely support the co-education system and will work to promote it. There are several reasons for this approach. The initial reason is that I don’t want to be gender biased person as the females have equal rights of getting the education as the male students and once both the genders are given the opportunity to study together the difference can be eliminated and at the same time the confidence of both the males and the female students can be enhanced and beside it the respect for the opposite gender can also be promoted which might improve the environment of the college and the approach and personality of the students.


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