Essay On Ideal Student In English

Ideal does not have a clear definition or any fixed standards as different people can be ideal in different situations and scenarios. Each and every person has its own capability to which he can make himself ideal and when it comes to the students than the diversity and differentiation amongst the standards, potentials and capabilities are huge. What is an ideal student? The answer to this might be as common as anything, that the ideal student is the one who gets extremely good marks in the exams, the one who has good manners and the one who is the leader in the rankings of the class is the ideal student. This might be the definition but it does not imply on every student, because the student can be an ideal student although he came last in the class examination.

Every student has its own limitations and its own capabilities so it is very much important not to define an ideal student by some standards but each student should have its own standard on which he/she can be ideal. Yes! But there are few things which should be considered as a must and should be present in all the ideal students, amongst which the first factor is Honesty. A student should be honest no matter what are the consequences because ideality of the student is judged by the honesty of the student and not the grades.

The second most crucial factor which should be the part of the ideal student is dedication towards his/her studies. The students should have proper dedication towards their education and their institutions as they should be keen to acquire knowledge because once they are well aware of the fact regarding the significance and the importance of education they might become closer of being the ideal student.

Efforts and strive is also one major component of an ideal students. The students which run behind the grades and marks might be good students but they cannot be the ideal students because being ideal does not mean to get good marks and grades or to stand first in the class but it is more concerned with the effort and striving of the student. It is not possible for every student to get A+ grade in all the subjects because each and every student has its own limitations in which they will be attempting the exam so what this means? The remaining class is not ideal. This perception must be changed so that the differentiation on merit can be reduced and the recognition in efforts, dedication and determination should be given the weightage which will ultimately produce ideal students.



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