Commerce As A Means Of Civilization

In the history of mankind there were so many ways and through which the civilization was being spread from one place to another. The methods which were used include the method of Conquest, which the ancient Romans did as they conquered the state of Barbarous and then brought them under their own civilization. Another was of imparting and sharing the civilization was on the basis of religious teachings and preaching as Buddhism and Christianity did and more importantly as Islam traveled from one place to the entire world on the basis of the desire of establishing a particular religion in any foreign land and country.

But amongst all the methods the most crucial and the most effective way of sharing and enhancing the civilization was through Commerce. If we highlight the ancient times that how they enhanced their civilization through commerce we do have the example of; Egyptian traders which brought the start of civilization in Crete and Aegean Island where the extremely high civilizations prevailed about 2000 years before Jesus Christ. It was not just the Roman army which contributed in to this transfusion of the civilization but it was the Roman commerce that civilized many nations under the Romans Sway. Another example of this is the commerce of the Arabs which have brought eastern civilization in Europe and many other countries of the world. This statement is also supported by several modern examples as the Dutch, French and Portuguese have done the same as they have enlarged their civilization through the help of their commerce and trade.

A very familiar example is of the subcontinent India before the partition of Pakistan when the East India Company came with the motive of trading only but their intentions were different as they wanted to introduce themselves as the Western Civilization in India, Burma, East Indies and Ceylon and that is what they did they recognized a new colonial civilization in India just through their trade and commerce.

Civilization either it is being done by conquer, or religious zeal or even by commerce is getting more and more popular nowadays as the people enters the country with the motive of trade and generating money and strengthening their fianc├ęs but at the same time they do have the intention of brining their native civilization with them as United States of America is currently doing in Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan.

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