Hamid Mir Column After Attack Am i Traitor

we are selecting very interesting reading material that is  written by hamid mir column “after attack Am i Traitor”. Mr Hamid mir senior Journalist if Pakistan and also news anchor and security analyst. He currently hosts the political talk show Capital Talk on Geo news. Mir was injured in a gun attack on 19 April 2014 in Karachi, he was attacked by unknown men on his way to the Geo Office in Karachi. He was admitted to hospital, where he was out of danger. When he was injured then Geo code Hamid mir statement and give blame on ISI chief after this big reaction GEO face but unfortunately huge criticism also face Hamid mir. In this column they want to say directly his innocence so read great Writer hamid mir Column.

    Hamid Mir Column After Attack Am i Traitor

Hamid Mir Column After Attack Am I Traitor

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1 thought on “Hamid Mir Column After Attack Am i Traitor”

  1. mr hamid mir you have written a nice emotional story here
    show your true face ,if you are a man
    we dont need foreign stooges like you to shape the opinion of pakistanis against their own country men,people like you have incurred so much poison in us that we have reached at a point of no return.
    people like you have just gigantic bank balances as their first priority
    otherwise you never got any injury ,you think ISi is that ninkompoof to target you and then leave you with some ffolish bullet shots in the back of your car
    this is all rubbish


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