Eligibility Criteria For GRE And TOEFL Exams In Pakistan

Eligibility criteria for GRE and Toefl exams in Pakistan are given here.  These tests are organized by the ETS. ETS is the educational testing service which designs and administrates the tests for proficiency of non native English language speakers wishing to enroll in academic studies in U.S.  universities.  Toefl and gre are the internationally accepted tests that have a validation period of two years.  After 2 years the candidates are required to retake the test.  ETS first introduced toefl test in 2005. Toefl is an internet based test which dominate computer based and paper based tests.  The candidates who belong to the country other than U.S. and want to study in the universities of U.S. are required have these tests. These tests ensure the universities that the candidate is able to understand English language in the academic studies. As far as it is concerned with gre test, it is a test that let you to get admissions in graduate or business schools. Except this one can also have this test to improve the proficiency of English language. Here we are providing you the basic information about the gre and toefl tests by ETS which will let you to judge that if you are eligible for this test or not. Eligibility criteria are mentioned here for both these tests. The candidates who want to take part in this test must have a look on this below mentioned information to get aware of the criteria of the tests. For further details about these tests keep visit our website as we will bring all what you need.

Eligibility Criteria For GRE And TOEFL Exams In Pakistan

Eligibility Criteria For GRE And TOEFL Exams In Pakistan

GRE and TOEFL tests Eligibility criteria

The officials of ETS have given certain eligibility criteria under which the candidates are allowed to take this test. The main reason of implementation of these criteria is that not any one can take this test. These tests are commenced for giving the assurance to U.S. universities that the candidate is eligible to study in their culture. These eligibility criteria may include residential restrictions as candidates form specific countries can only take this test. For the convenience here we are updating you with the eligibility criteria of GRE and TOEFL tests. The candidates who want to register for this test must know about the eligibility criteria as in case of ineligibility ETS will not be responsible and registration fee will not be refunded. Below are the eligibility criteria.

Eligibility criteria:

  1. The candidates must hold a four year bachelors degree from any recognized university. The degree from this university must be equal to that of USA.
  2. Experience in working is appreciable. The candidates having 2 or 3 years of experience will be given preferences.
  3. The candidates having recommendation letter for these tests are eligible for these tests. Without recommendation letter the candidate is considered as ineligible,
  4. Candidates without past academic records are ineligible.

These are some criteria for these tests as recommended by the ETS.


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