Introduction To ISSB Test In Pakistan

When a candidate or cadet had done his initial selection at Recruitment and Selection Center (R&SC) he then has to qualify the ISSB test which is somehow a tough task for candidates to pass. ISSB test in Pakistan is very much competitive and students always prefer to make good scores so far. ISSB which stands for the Inter Services Selection Board is mainly representing the ISSB Kohat and its surroundings like Gujranwala, Malir and Quetta. ISSB is the formulated organization which is being designed to train and create the manpower which is being utilized in the armed forces of Pakistan for the upcoming future. ISSB is known as the training Hub and the nursery for the Armed Forces of Pakistan. Through the ISSB selection candidates who are willing to be the part of the Armed Forces of Pakistan are being trained and are being analyzed that whether they do have the potential or the capability to be the leaders in the Armed forces. The one who has the potential are being kept and are trained as per their requirement.

Introduction To ISSB Test In Pakistan

Introduction To ISSB Test In Pakistan

The candidates once have cleared the ISSB test then they are allowed to join any of the three forces which include Pakistan Army, Air force and even the Navy as per their wish and later their trainings are being conducted in their relevant forces.

The main aim behind the initiative of the ISSB test is to select the potential officers for the Defense forces of the state and to find that whether they do possess the required qualities and characteristics, the candidates are subjected to various test and examinations which includes the Physical Test, Mental Test, Social and Dynamic Test which will distinguish between the selection or the rejection of the candidate.

The ISSB test is for all the three departments of the armed forces in Pakistan and it is the headquarters which decides the number of candidates which are being recorded and that depends as per the situation and scenarios.

The selection technique which is being carried forward after the ISSB test is based on three dimensional analysis which includes three different types of test; the first test is the Psych test which determines the psychological strength of the candidate, the second test is known as the GTO test which is also known as the outdoor test and the last test which is to be followed is the interview which is being conducted by the higher administrations and authorities of the respective armed forces.

The one who gets successful in all of the assigned tests is being selected as the successful candidate of the ISSB examination while any candidate who fails any of the tests at any stage is being filed and is being considered as ineligible for the Armed forces of Pakistan. This is simply Introduction To ISSB Test In Pakistan but later on we will provide you more information about ISSB Interview Questions and Answers In Urdu so far.



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