Here you are getting the Telenor call, sms, internet packages 2018 for postpaid and prepaid. Telenor Packages are always very attractive but 2018 is going to be a remarkable year in case of Telenor prepaid packages 2018 as well as Telenor postpaid packages 2018. Telenor was founded on 1855 and is one of the major mobile service providers in Pakistan. Pakistan has 5 major Mobile service providers and Telenor is on second position among those mobile service providers with 35 million subscribers all over the Pakistan. Telenor is also the sole holder of 26% market share. Telenor always believe in serving best to its valued customers. Postpaid and prepaid are two products that are available under Telenor. These Telenor call packages 2018 and Telenor SMS packages 2018 are differently offered for the subscribers of both these products. Telenor Subscribers from all over the Pakistan have different use and taste and for this reason Telenor is always trying to take good care of their priorities. Some customers do a lot of calls for business, some do calls to talk to their loved ones across Pakistan while some do it for promotion purposes etc. Telenor has launched different call packages for all those customers so that they can use best services according to their need and taste.

Same as for SMS, different packages are available from Telenor. Now Telenor subscribers can do a huge amount of SMS at very low rates. Now a day SMS has become a good source of communication between people. Parents are getting informed about latest reports of their children from schools, students are doing a lot of SMS for educational purposes and share a lot more things with SMS and companies are also doing promotions of their products with SMS. For all those users Telenor has provided a best platform to fulfill all of their needs. As far as it is concerned with Telenor Mobile Internet, Telenor internet packages 2018 in Pakistan and recently has launched 3G technology in Pakistan. With this technology Telenor subscribers can use mobile internet at the highest speed ever in Pakistan. 3G technology is very expensive to use but Telenor is offering very favorable rates with super attractive data plans. Here on this page we are giving you Telenor call, sms, internet packages 2018 for postpaid and prepaid. For latest Telenor call, SMS and internet Packages 2018 prepaid and postpaid stay with us!

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