Ufone Super Inaami Offer 2015 Win Every Day

We are sharing Ufone Super Inaami Offer 2015 Win Every Day details on this age for all Ufone connection users. If you are Ufone telecom network users then yes you can get this offer with very easy method. Ufone Telecom Company is best telecommunication company that is providing quality telecom service so through Ufone you can get call, SMS and internet package with cheap price. Ufone Company is first Pakistan Telecommunication Company that is introducing cheap and wide range of packages for Ufone client that is the reason Ufone company market share is increase day by day. Here we want to mention my experience with Ufone network yes this is a reality Ufone packages is based on reasonable price and Ufone network signal strength is also very strong so you can get these all service accoriding to your desire because wide range of telecom packages is available in Ufone packages chart. in below side Ufone Super Inaami Offer 2015 Win Every Day details is available.

Ufone Super Inaami Offer 2015 Win Every Day

Ufone Super Inaami Offer 2015 Win Every Day

What is Ufone Super Inaami Offer:

  • ┬áThis is one price and reward offer that is design for Ufone client as a price gift.

Befinits of Ufone Super Inaami Offer:

  • get 100% sure free minutes and SMS on every charge
  • 1300cc ten luxurious cars
  • Pure Gold earrings
  • 60 number of Motorcycles

How to get entry in this Draw:

  • Just recharge you Ufone connection with 100 PKR and get your entry by default

How to get 100% free SMS and Minutes:

  • Without any code you can get free SMS and free minutes against every 100 rupees charge

Term and condition:

  • This offer is start on 7th of April 2015
  • This offer will valid till 15th of May 2015
  • If you want to check your remaining free minutes and SMS then just press *707#
  • Regular recharge tax is included

Super Inaami offer schedule:

Date Car Earrings Bike
10th April 1 2 2
11th April
12th April
13th April
14th April 1 2 2
15th April
16th April
17th April
18th April 1 2 2
19th April
20th April 2 2
21st April 2 2
22nd April 1 2 2
23rd April 2 2
24th April 2 2
25th April 2 2
26th April 1 2 2
27th April 2 2
28th April 2 2
29th April 2 2
30th April 1 2 2
1st May 2 2
2nd May 2 2
3rd May 2 2
4th May 1 2 2
5th May 2 2
6th May 2 2
7th May 2 2
8th May 1 2 2
9th May 2 2
10th May 2 2
11th May 2 2
12th May 1 2 2
13th May 2 2
14th May 2 2
15th May 2 2
16th May 1 2 2

after Ufone Super Inaami Offer 2015 Win Every Day if you want to get details about different Ufone packages then visit this website main home page.

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